Birthdays, graduations, team events, school events.....Woodstream is the perfect place to have your summer time party.  

**Private Parties can only be accommodated on the off season. This includes weekday nights from the day after Memorial Day until the pool opens full time.  

               **Private parties will have exclusive use of the pool for a 3 hour time period. 

**In Season Parties are offered on weekdays and weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Please note...Parties cannot be accommodated on the summer holidays or when pool social events are occurring).

In season parties include:

            ** Reserved use of the pavilion OR use of a large tent for up 

                 to 3 hours

            ** Exclusive use of the grill nearest the pavilion or your party tent

            ** 10 guests are included in your rental cost (additional charges apply for          additional guests)


**Pricing is based on membership status and number of guests attending. Additional lifeguards may be required for larger parties which will increase your party fees. For further information, please contact us at [email protected] .