Five Seasons NKY Swim and Dive Team



The Gators Booster Club is a group of parents that believe in the team’s mission and are dedicated to promoting positive activities, fan support, sportsmanship, team spirit and unity in the sports of swimming and diving, both in training and competition. Its main purpose is to promote and support the activities of our team, our coaches, our athletes; and encourage volunteerism among parents, welcome new and existing families and orient them to our club culture.   This is our second year as a group and we know there will be plenty of learning opportunities along the way.  Please help us make it a successful summer.  Currently we have recruited several parents to fill the positions but there is much more help needed in many different roles.


Karen Poulos           President/NKSL Representative             [email protected]

                                 Meet Director/Jr. Gator/Spirit Wear & Suits         

Greg Collins                 Vice President                                            [email protected]

Ashlie Feldman            Volunteers/Fundraising/Jr. Gators            [email protected]

Katie Cook                    Jr. Gator Coordinator                             [email protected]

Kristin Baker                Club Liaison/Jr. Gators/NKSL Alt. Delegate            [email protected]

Kathy Carnes                Treasurer/Jr. Gators/Team Unify                        [email protected]

Juliana Kampinga          Volunteer Photographer/Bulletin Board              [email protected]

Kristina Holtzapfel        Volunteers/Gator Grub Coordinator/Team Breakfasts           [email protected]

Jenny Collins                Social Chair                                                      [email protected]

Holli Ahlers                    Diving Team                                                     [email protected]

Erin Webb                    Bake Sale Coordinator                                       [email protected]