Swim Meet Event, Heat and Lane Arm Marking  

You want me to do what with my kids arm? ARE YOU INSANE?  (yes, but there is a purpose!)

You will need a Sharpie fine point.

We write on them so they know what they are swimming.  If you are helping your little one with this please write so they can read it.  I have made this mistake and paid for it dearly, proving once again that yes, I'm insane!!

There is a method to our madness, lets break it down so normal people understand it.  Notice we abbreviate with the first letter.  When people see you writing this they will know you are a pro!

Event Heat Lane Stroke
Swim Matrix
 E  H L S
14 1 3 1-Back
24 3 6 Free
34 2 3 Breast
58 2 6 Fly
76 1 3 3- free

Relay Event - My child is swimming event #14 (Girls 8&U 100M MEDLEY RELAY), she's in HEAT(race)1, LANE 3, swimming 1st leg (backstroke).

Individual Event:  My child is swimming Event #58(girls 8&U 25M Butterfly), Heat 2, Lane 6, Butterfly