• Click "My Account"
  • Click "My Tutorial"

There will be a PlayList if you hover over this you will get a list of everything this site can do for you.  They will help you gain "know how" to do all the things you need to do throughout the season.

You can add pictures of you kids and yourselves if you are feeling crazy.  I will help the coaches figure out who is who.  If anyone gets lost we have a picture to say we are looking for this person.  If you download the App (see below)  you can take a picture with your phone and upload it to the On Deck App.

There are three that we consider MUST VIEW.

HELP ME: get text from the Team

How to verify you Email/SMS - This will allow us to text you instead of email.  That way you know what happens the instant it is happening.

HELP ME: sign up for a meet

Meet Sign Up - This is so your coach knows who will be at the meet.  We are using a Yes/No and if you need to make a comment to the coach feel free.

HELP ME: Volunteer for a job

Job Sign Up - This so you know how to sign up for the jobs that we require every family to do.

HELP ME: get that Phone App

There is an APP that you can download for your phone.  You must have a smart phone (iPhone or Android).  Just search for On Deck in the App store.

HELP ME:  Sign into that App

The Email and Password are the same the extra item requires the recnknpky

HELP ME: use that App

It does a lot....  we are working on getting times out there for all to see...  I would direct you to My Account and My Tutorials.  After watching those you should have a good handle on "how to".  If there is a specific question or a special request please click the "Contact Us" and we will field it as soon as possible.  (or find us at practice or a meet).