Parent positions are a necessary part of our team. We are known for how efficiently we run swim meets. All parents should plan on working at least 2 times through the season. You can sign up on Team Unify!

The jobs that need to be filled in order for a meet to run smoothly are described below. All volunteer positions are able to watch their swimmers events!

Timers: Two people per lane + 2 additional backup timers(18 altogether) are needed to time the races. Instructions are given at a “timers meeting” before the meet begins. If 36 people sign up for this job, 18 people time for half of the meet, and the other 18 time for the second half.

Awards: Two people are needed to attach labels to the ribbons after the results have been entered into the computer. This job continues throughout the meet.

Bullpen Supervisors: At least two people, preferably 4, are needed to get the 10 and under swimmers lined up in the “bullpen” area and sent out to the blocks when it is their turn to swim.

Runner: One person is needed to “run” the results of each race into the computer room so that the results can be entered into the computer.

Announcer: One or Two people who are responsible for calling events to the bullpen and announcing swimmers in their lanes over the PA.

ScoringThree people who enter times into the computer, print labels for the ribbons and score meet in computer system.

Officials: Since there is no requirement to have a certified official at any summer conference meet, there will be an opportunity to participate in an uncertified official class. The purpose of the class is to teach officiating basics for the benefit of the coaches and the swimmers. Parents who go through the class are able to start the races, judge strokes and turns, and pick finishes. The class is free however there registration is required. Space is limited so register early by emailing the Aquatic Supervisor at Attending the class will permit you to officiate any summer conference dual meet. Officials for Conference meet must be certified and would take a class listed on (see below). The certified class requires a background check and online application. If any Otter parent is interested in becoming a certified official, Otters will reimburse partial cost incurred up to $75.00.

Class details are TBD.

Benefits of Becoming an Official

1. Help support an excellent sport for children and promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

2. Gain a more thorough understanding of swimming in particular, and sports in general.

3. Fulfill volunteer obligations at meets.

4. Get closer to the action; know what’s happening on deck with the “best seat” in the pool.

5. Get mentally and physically engaged during the meet rather than merely “spectating.”

6. Be cooler on deck than in the stands.

7. Receive free admission and great hospitality during sessions officiated.

Once you have decided you want to become a Stroke and Turn Judge or an Administrative Official

(Formerly Administrative Judge), the following steps will help get you there.

Becoming a Certified Official

Step 1: Background Check

As part of the USA Swimming Safe Sport Program, all officials and trainees are required to undertake a criminal background check. You need to have this completed before we can process your application to attend the upcoming clinic.

For more information on the reason for the background check and to submit your background check, please go to the USA Swimming website.

The Level 2 background check will cost $39 and will take about 15 minutes to submit your application online. Please check with your club as many clubs will reimburse you for the cost of the background check.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon completion of the application and when the results are available (may take up to 2 weeks). Do not send these results to the Illinois Swimming office. They will receive notification directly from USA Swimming within 72 hours of the completed check.

Step-by-step instruction cans be found in Appendix A.

Step 2: Register for your Clinic

Go to the Illinois Swimming web site and register for the clinic of your choice.

Lemon Shake-Ups Fundraiser 

Many parents are needed to cover shifts at the Otters Lemon-Shake-Ups booth at Prairie Fest. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year. Events like the team party, recognition night awards, and practice equipment depend on its success. Shifts are 2 hours long, and a sign-up will be through Team Unify and an additional sheet will be posted on the bulletin board at Winrock Pool.