Beginning in 1967, the Naperville Swim Conference (NSC) has held two championship meets that ends the approximately six-week season: The City Meet and The Classic Meet.  The City Meet is held on the last full weekend in July at a Naperville area high school or swimming venue. Only those swimmers from each NSC team who meet the time standards or other eligibility requirements as set by the conference are eligible to swim in the City Meet.


The Classic Meet is held at the end of the season on the weekend before the City Meet and is also held at a Naperville area high school or swimming venue. The Classic Meet is designed to provide an opportunity for a championship-style meet for any swimmers from a NSC team who does not meet the eligibility requirements to swim at the City Meet. 


The City and The Classic meets will be held on the following weekends:


Classic & City Weekends (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

                     Classic:                       City:

2022             July 22-July 24            July 29-July 31

2023             July 21-July 23            July 29-July 30

2024             July 19-July 21            July 26-July 28

2025             July 18-July 20            July 25-July 27

2026             July 17-July 19            July 24-July 26

2027             July 16-July 18            July 23-July 25

2028             July 21-July 23            July 28-July 30

2029             July 20-July 22            July 27-July 29

2030             July 19-July 21            July 26-July 28

2031             July 18-July 20            July 25-July 27

2032             July 16-July 18            July 23-July 24