The following is the list of which team will host City & Classic for the years 2022-2041.

July City Classic
2022 Tallgrass Stillwater
2023 Brookdale Cress Creek Country Club
2024 Farmstead Steeple Run
2025 Breckenridge Naperville Tennis Club
2026 River Run Cress Creek Commmons
2027 Centennial Beach Saybrook
2028 Ashbury South Pointe
2029 Huntington Estates Naper Carriage Hill
2030 Huntington Hobson West
2031 White Eagle  Maplebrook II
2032 Stillwater Tallgrass
2033 Cress Creek Country Club Brookdale
2034 Steeple Run Farmstead
2035 Naperville Tennis Club Breckenridge
2036 Cress CReek Commons River Run
2037 Saybrook Centennial Beach
2038 South Pointe Ashbury
2039 Naper Carriage Hill Huntington Estates
2040 Hobson West  Huntington
2041 Maplebrook II White Eagle

Subject to change if teams enter or leave conference.