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Parent Education:

Swim Meet Basics - Before and During a Swim Meet by USA Swimming

Parent FAQ

Swim Parent Rules - Unofficial Rules For Being A Swim Parent by USA Swimming

10 Commandments For Swim Parents - by USA Swimming

How To Become a Winning Parent - by USA Swimming

Swim Parents - Your Stress and Expectations are Contagious by Swim Swam

7 Ways Swim Meets Prepare Our Kids For The Real World - by Swim Swam


Swimming Basics: 

Swimming 101 - The Four Strokes and Competition by USA Swimming

Starts - Video on Race Dive

Streamline - Video on Streamline Position

Rules Primer - Basic Rules for Competition by USA Swimming



Food Choices - Top Nutrient-Rich Food Choices by USA Swimming

Iron Rich Foods - Best Iron Rich Foods For Growing Swimmers by USA Swimming

Strategies For Picky Eaters - 5 Strategies To Help Picky Swimmers Eat Better by USA Swimming

Check for dehydration - Three Easy Ways to Check For Dehydration by USA Swimming

Healthy Cereal - 3 Tips To Help Pick A Healthy Cereal by USA Swimming

Race Day Eating - Smart Eating On Race Day by USA Swimming

Snacks - Stay In The Bag Snacks by USA Swimming

Concessions Stand - Confessions From the Concessions Stand by USA Swimming


Swimming Organizations, News & Information:

USA Swimming - Governing Body For United States Swimming

Illinois Swimming

IHSA (Illinois High School Association)

     Girls Swimming

     Boys Swimming


Swimming World Magazine




Coaches Training: 

NSC Coaches Training Presentation