Frequently Asked Questions

For New Parents


  1. How do I know what my child will be swimming?

      Meet line-ups will be posted on the swim team website a day before each meet.  The coaches work hard to make sure each child is entered into events that they can handle.  You will want to have a permanent marker at the meet with you to write their event numbers on their hands.  Each child can swim a maximum of three individual events and two relays.  Swimmers 6 & under will only swim two events (freestyle and backstroke).  Every child will swim at the meets they have committed.


  1. What if my child gets sick the day of a meet?

Notify the head coach, scoring person and chairperson as soon as possible. 


  1. What happens if I can’t work one of my jobs?

      It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you can’t work.  You also need to let both the chair and co-chair know that there has been a change


  1. What happens if we have a schedule conflict with one of the meets?

       If you know you are not going to be able to attend a meet, please RSVP “not attending” on the swim team web site. 

Dual meets require I week notice, Invitational meets require 2 weeks notice and championship meets require about a month’s notice.  RSVP dates are listed on the team blog.  Please DO NOT rely on verbal communication with the coach for an RSVP.  It is just too hard for them to keep track of all the attendance conversations regarding all the swimmers.


  1. What should I bring to a meet?

      The following is a list of suggestions;

·Goggles and Barracudas cap (required for long hair)

· A couple of towels

·Clothing appropriate for the weather

· A blanket if it’s cold

·Small tent (not required, but many of the kids like them)


·Folding chairs for the adults

·Games, books, cards to play with between events


·Money for concessions

            LABEL EVERYTHING!  The meet areas get very crowded and the kids do a lot of tent hopping!


  1. How do I know when my child is supposed to swim?

      There will be a sign at every meet that indicates what events are lining up.  Please bring your children to this area, which is referred to as the bullpen.  The clerk of course will get the kids in the right order and the junior coaches will take them to their races.  After they swim, the kids should go over to the coaches for feedback and then return to the team waiting area.  The kids can leave after they have completed their last event. 


  1. What is the difference between a dual meet and an invitational meet?

      Most of our meets are dual meets, which means that we are swimming against one other team, either at their pool or ours.  There are three Invitationals each year, one for the boys only and one for the girls only and one for all high school age swimmers only.  Many teams will be at these meets.  There are generally prizes for each of the heats and team awards at the end of the meets. 


  1. What are Classic and City?

      These are the championship meets at the end of the season.  They are held at one of the high schools and include at least eight teams. 

  City is for the swimmers 12 and under who have met the established time standards and all swimmers 13 and over.  The swimmers may only swim in the events which they have scored a city time earlier in the season.  Once a child has met a city time, they can no longer swim that particular event at Classic. 


Classic is for any child 12 and under who does not qualify for a city event with a city time.  City times are listed in the orientation packet.  All swimmers 6 & under automatically swim Classic.   Every meet prior to the championship meets is an opportunity to qualify for City. 


  1. How do I know what my child’s times were?

Times will also be on the back of their ribbons, as well as posted on the team website.


**Note that Huntington Pool is only 20 yards not the standard 25 yards, so times at our home meets have to be multiplied by 1.3 to get the “official” time.  Any times on ribbons and/or posted have been converted to the official time.


  1. Where do I go for help?

Each new family will be assigned a mentor from the board.  Please feel free to ask that person for assistance.  Any question is a good question!  The team blog as well as the bulletin board in front of the pool contains a lot of valuable information.  We also use email as a communication tool.   


  1. What do I do when I arrive at a meet?  All swimmers must arrive at the meet 1 hour before the start.  Each swimmer must sign in.  If you do not sign in, then the coaches will scratch you from the meet. Find your team area and set your things up.


  1. What happens if it rains?  It is very likely that even though it is raining, the meet will still go on.  Please show up to the pool unless you have been notified.  There is only a rain delay in the event that thunder or lightning has occurred.  The rain delay is then 30 minutes from the last time the thunder or lightning occurred.  Do not leave the meet until your coach has announced that the meet has been canceled.


Please note:  parents are responsible for their swimmer(s) and swimmer’s siblings during the entire meet.  When choosing a job, some jobs make the parent very inaccessible to their children.  Please be sure to read the job descriptions fully before committing to them.  Feel free to ask another swim family if you have any questions.