Line-up sheets are prepared by the coaches to assign swimmers to events. These reports are posted in on the Barracudas' TeamUnify website in the Events tab. To be entered in a meet, you must COMMIT to the meet so that the coach can enter you in events.

Line-ups are submitted to the home team for the meets.  If it’s a Tuesday night meet, the line-ups are turned in on Sunday.  If it’s a Thursday meet, line-ups are submitted by Tuesday.  And if it’s a Saturday meet, the line-ups are submitted by Thursday.  We understand emergencies can arise at the last minute, however, it is important to be cognizant of these deadlines.

Scoring/Computers for the home team enters the line-ups from both teams into the computer and resolves any conflicts: e.g. two swimmers scheduled to swim in the same lane and heat.  Reports are printed for use by the officials (to run the meet) and clerks of course (to get the kids in the right place at the right time).



Swimmers should arrive 1 hour before the start of the meet.  If it is an evening meet, arrival time/check-in is 4:30 p.m. with warm-ups starting at 4:45 p.m. (meet start at 5:30 p.m.).  If it is a morning meet, arrival time/check-in is 7:30 a.m. with warm-ups starting at 7:45 a.m. (meet start at 8:30 a.m.).  

Upon arrival at the meet, swimmers sign in by highlighting their name on the line-up sheets that are on clipboards on the long table near the baby pool. This practice is known as positive check-in.  If swimmers do not check in within 30 minutes of the start of the meet, they will be scratched from the meet.

The coaches/clerk of course check the reports and the now signed in line-up sheets to verify the swimmers.  Adjustments are made if necessary.  Parents that are working the meet must check in at the appropriate time as indicated on the Job Description page. Once you check in and obtain your name tag, please listen for announcements for meetings for timers and judges.  Attend meetings.  Swimmers warm up.



Parents are responsible for making sure their swimmer is in the team area and ready for their events.  The Clerk of Course will line the swimmers up and take them to the starting blocks for their events, but will not look for them when it is time for their event.  It is the swimmer's responsibility to get to the bullpen area on time.

There are three timers for each lane.  After each event, the timers write down their time on a card with the swimmer's name on it.  The middle time is then recorded as the official time.  Please note that the Huntington pool is a 20 yard pool.  Our official times are converted to the equivalent to that of a 25 yard pool.  The conversion factor is 1.3, not 1.25 as would be expected, to compensate for the advantage gained by pushing off the wall.

A runner will pick up each lane's timing sheets as well as any DQ cards and take them to the scoring office for entry into the computer by the scorers.  Times and disqualifications are entered into the computer.  Labels for ribbons are printed from these results and given to the ribbon volunteers.

The following points are given for each individual event: First place – 5 pts;  Second place – 3 pts; Third place – 2 pts; Fourth place – 1 pt.  A maximum of two swimmers on each team can earn points per event for individual events. The following points are given for relay events: First place – 8 pts; Second place – 4 pts.  For relays, one one relay team from each swim team may earn points for an event.

NEW scoring rule as of 2019: Tops 2 swimmers from each team score points, regardless of heat.

All heats in every event compete for ribbons. Ribbons/awards workers take the labels for the ribbons and place the labels on the appropriate ribbons.  The ribbons are placed in the swimmers' folders in the boxes.  The swimmers will pick up their ribbons at their next practice.  Final results are posted after the swim meet in the Events tab.  You can see your swimmer's result history in My Account: My Meet Results. 


There are 10 categories of events at a meet. They are divided by age and sex (i.e., 5 for girls and 5 for boys). The categories are 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18. In addition, the 6 and under children swim freestyle and backstroke as exhibition categories i.e., they don't swim for team points. For very small categories (usually the older swimmers) we might swim two events simultaneously to fill up the lanes and shorten the meet.

Events 1 and 2
15-18, 50-Yard Freestyle

Events 3-12
8 & Under through 15-18, Medley Relays

Events 13 and 14
6 & Under, 25 Yard Freestyle

Events 15-24
8 & Under through 15-18, Freestyle

Events 25-34
8 & Under 50 Freestyle and 9-10 through 15-18, Individual Medley

Events 35-44
8 & Under through 15-18, Butterfly

End of event 40 signifies the ½-way point of the meet and may be used for a final score if needed due to weather.

Events 45 and 46
6 & Under, 25-Yard Backstroke

Events 47-56
8 & Under through 15-18, Backstroke

Events 57-66
8 & Under through 15-18, Breast Stroke

Events 67-76
8 & Under through 15-18, Free Relays