If you think that your swimmer is missing ribbons from any of the meets we ask that you do the following:

-Check on Team Unify website to make sure your swimmer was not disqualified for their race.

-If they were not DQ'd please send an e-mail with your swimmer name and event number and what meet that they are missing ribbon for and we will try to see why a label was not printed for that particular event and we will get a ribbon to your swimmer.

We provide Ribbons to ALL legal finishes in ALL individual events for ALL heats for our HOME meets, however the following guidelines have been set by the Naperville Swim Conference, which may explain why sometimes you do not get a ribbon :

Awards Ribbons shall be supplied by each individual team to all swimmers 12 and under in individual events for at least the first four places. In all 12 and under relay events, ribbons shall be awarded to each member of the relay teams that finish in at least the first two places. Each team will provide their own ribbons and the Home team will supply ribbon labels for all swimmers.

a.         Individuals or relay teams that are disqualified in an event will not be eligible to receive awards in that event. 

b.         Ribbons shall be awarded based on the actual order of legal finish without regard to how the race is scored. 

c.         Teams may and are encouraged to award ribbons for each legal finisher in each heat, including exhibition heats; however, if such ribbons are awarded, they MUST be given to swimmers from both teams.