Parent / Swimmer Responsibilities


The official behavior policy of the White Eagle Golf Club Pool is as follows:
In keeping with our program goals, we encourage fun for all our participants; however, certain rules are necessary to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Participants are expected to:
1. Show respect for all participants and staff.

2. Please be respectful and refrain from using foul language.

3. Refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants or staff.

4. Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities. Always clean up your team area at home and away meets.

5. Arrive 10 minutes before practice time. Swimmers will be in the water at the start time. Swimmers should bring their own marked towels and water bottles to practices. Swimmers who are not being picked up after practices should return home immediately after the scheduled practice time. Those being picked up should be picked up immediately after the scheduled practice time.

6. Arrive 1-hour prior to meet start for warm-ups and check-in. If not you will run the risk of being scratched from your events which will not only affect you but your team mates.

7. Notify their coaches, at least 5 days prior to the meet in writing if they can not attend a meet unless it is an emergency. This can be done by a note dropped off in the coach box or via e-mail. If the coach is not notified of your absence, you will not be allowed to participate in relays for the following (2) meets.

8. Remain at the swim meet until the end and participate in all scheduled events. Leaving early and not swimming in a scheduled relay will earn the same consequences as not showing: You will not be allowed to participate in relays for the following (2) meets.

If a participant continually behaves inappropriately, we will re-evaluate his or her enrollment. Also, if our staff has concerns about a child's behavior, parents will be consulted immediately. 



1.  1. Show respect for all participants and staff.

2. Parents should ensure that swimmers arrive on time and in proper attire for meets and practices. Please pick up your child promptly after practices and meets.

3. Swim Meets will only be canceled when poor or unsafe conditions exist. Parents are responsible for making sure that their children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions that exist.

4. Meet Referees’ decisions are final. Your sportsmanlike conduct on and around the pools can set a positive example for the swimmers. Unsportsmanlike conduct by parents may result in a warning given to the parent by the attending Naperville Park District Swim Conference Representative. The parent may be asked to leave the pool area.

5. If parents would like to stay for practices, please do so without interfering with the coaching staff. If coaches need your assistance, they will find you.

6. If a problem develops between a swimmer or parent and a coach, first discuss the problem with the coach. If further assistance is needed, please contact a parent board member or Park District Rep.

7. All regular season dual meets are held at neighborhood pools with small parking lots or street parking only. Please be considerate of the homeowners in these areas. Please do not turn around in residents' driveways, block driveways or mailboxes, or cut through residents' yards. Directions to all the pools are available under the tab 'Pool Locations'

8. It is imperative to observe and respect Handicap Parking spaces reserved for special needs families. Violators will be towed at their own expense.

9. Your child should bring his/her own water or non-carbonated beverage to practices. Label your child's water bottle as well as any other swimming equipment.

10. It is the responsibility of the parent to discuss any special needs of his/her child with the coach prior to the first practice. Examples are: asthma, hearing loss, behavior disorders, or any other learning, social or physical problems.

11. If you have questions or comments regarding the officiating or rules interpretation, please contact your Naperville Park District Swim Conference Representative.

If a participant or parent behaves inappropriately, we will re-evaluate enrollment.  Also, if our staff has concerns about a child's behavior, parents will be consulted immediately.  

White Eagle Swim Team
Parent Worker Responsibilities

Our swim team works because of YOU, our parent volunteers. After registering, you will sign up for (5) five meets to work. Please follow the items below.

1. BE ON TIME. Be checked in at the worker table before 8:00am Saturdays and 5:00pm week nights. If you will be LATE, it is your responsibility to get another swim team parent to check in for you and work your job till you arrive.

2. Your job will not be over until the meet is over. Some jobs include putting things away after the meet. Sometimes your swimmer(s) will be done before your job is over. Please do not leave early.

3. You will sign up for 5 meets to work during the regular summer season. Officials will sign up for specific positions. All other jobs will be assigned by the WESC worker coordinators. The jobs will be rotated so that you can work a variety of positions.

4. You will also be expected to work at either the Classic or City Championship meets if your child is swimming. There will be a separate signup for these meets.

5. It is your responsibility to find a swim team parent to work for you if you cannot work a meet that you signed up for. When you trade meets, please email us at [email protected]. Tell us your name and who you are trading with, the date(s) of the meet(s) you are trading, both of your cell phone numbers and both emails. You MUST email us at least 12 hours before the meet you are trading.

**We will be coordinating ALL approved (15-18) youth workers to take your place if you cannot trade jobs with a swim team parent.

6. Only students from the Approved (15-18) Worker list will be allowed to sub for a parent. If you send or hire a child under 18 that is not on the approved worker list, they will not be allowed to work and you will be counted as a No-Show, you will be fined $75, and your swimmer(s) will be removed from the next meet’s lineup.

7. If your swimmer is sick or you cannot work your job at the last minute, we still need you to take responsibility and find another swim team parent to take your place. We realize emergencies happen, but don’t want to encourage unnecessary late volunteer changes. If you are unable to trade your job with another swim team parent, please email [email protected] immediately. They will assist you in hiring an approved (15-18) worker for $40 per meet. Please inform your coach too. Don’t be counted as a No-Show.

Note:  There is a maximum of 2 times (2 of the 5 required jobs) per family that this per meet buy out can be done.  If you need to buy out more than 2 of your jobs - with the exception of extreme emergency, a penalty may be imposed.  IT IS PREFERRED THAT YOU TRADE YOUR JOB DATES WITH ANOTHER FAMILY.  CONTACTING US TO BUY YOUR JOB OUT SHOULD ONLY BE DONE AS LAST RESORT.

 8. You can buy out of all your jobs in advance for $400 payable at registration. Do we want you to buy out? No, our swim “team” doesn’t need the money, it needs swimmers, coaches and parents to make the season run smoothly..

Thanks for your help in making this a great season.

White Eagle Swim Team
Approved Youth Worker Responsibilities

Are you interested is working as a “paid” volunteer at some of our swim meets this summer? Do you know someone that is?

Our swim team works because of our parent volunteers. Sometimes parents are over-scheduled and need someone to work in their place. You could be that person. It takes a lot of responsibility to work at our swim meets. You will be expected to meet/exceed the criteria listed below.

1. You are required to attend a mandatory one hour training session in May. We will contact you regarding the specific date and time in late April. You MUST attend this training session. We will review the various jobs you could work at the swim meets.

2. You must be (15) fifteen years old as of June 1st.

3. Please review the meet schedule list below and “X” all dated that you are available. Some meets are away. You will be responsible for your own transportation.

4. If your schedule changes and can not work, you must email [email protected] as least 12 hours before the meet. If you do not email, you are a no-show. You will be placed at the bottom of our call list. We schedule workers from the top of the call list, so the bottom may not work as many meets.

5. YOU MUST BE ON TIME. Check in at the worker table before 8:00 am Saturdays, and 5:00 pm week nights. YOU CANNOT BE LATE!

6. You will be paid $40 at the end of each meet worked. Before you leave, you must check-out with the WE worker coordinator to get paid.

7. Your job will not be over until the meet is over. Some jobs include putting things away after the meet. Please do not leave early.

8. All work will be scheduled by the WE worker coordinator. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY WORK FROM A SWIM TEAM PARENT. If you get asked, please refer them to [email protected] The parents know this.

Please consider yourself part of our swim “team”…swimmers, coaches, parents and you!
Thanks for your help in making this a great season.