On behalf of the Swim Team Parent Committee welcome to the White Eagle Warriors!  We are pleased to have you and your swimmer(s) as a part of our summer swim team.

Being a part of the Warriors typically takes the involvement and commitment of the entire family.  During the course of the season there are almost 600 jobs that need to be filled by volunteers in order for the team and the swim meets to run smoothly.  There is so much more to do than just drop your children off for swim practices and watch them swim during a meet.  And yet even with all this work, our many returning families are an endorsement of just how much fun the swim season can be!

To help orient you to membership on the swim team, we have prepared this Information Sheet to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by new families.

What do our swim team registration fees go toward?

Your fees help to cover expenses such as coach salaries, insurance, equipment, social events and dues to the Naperville Swim Conference. 

When do children practice, and can I choose my child's practice times?

The practice times for each age group can be found under the Practice/Coach Info Tab – sub tab ‘Practice Information’ on our website.  These practice times are set by the coaching staff and swimmers are required to practice during the time set for them. There are some exceptions when the coaching staff determines that an advanced swimmer will progress more if they are practicing with older swimmers.  However, this is strictly considered at the recommendation of the Head Coach.

Do we need to attend every practice?

No swimmer can progress without regular practice, so we strongly encourage swimmers to be at practices every day.  However, daily practice is not “required”.  We understand that there are other things families need to attend to in the summer.  The general expectation, however, is that if you are in town, available, and not ill, your swimmer should be at practice.

Will practices be canceled for bad weather?

Practices are canceled very rarely.  Practices will only be cancelled for lightning or heavy rain.  Practices will not be cancelled because of light rain or cold temperatures.  However, if the temperature is 65 degree or below, the head coach will decide at practice whether practice will be held in the water or on land.  If it is raining or too cold, swimmers may do “ dry land” practice – practicing strokes out of the water, doing conditioning exercises, or being taught about some feature of swimming that will improve their performance.  If you ever believe there could be a last minute weather-related change to the schedule, first check your email.  The coaches and parent committee will try to send notices via email.  Ultimately, the decision on whether you should send your child to a practice is yours.

How many meets are there, and do we need to attend every meet?

The meet schedule for the season can be found under the Meets/Social Events Tab – sub tab ‘Meet Schedule/Info’ on our website. 

We start our season with Time Trials on June 11 – all swimmers are highly encouraged to attend as this is used to get times to be used at our dual meets and to determine eligibility.  In addition, the Warriors are scheduled to compete in 8 regular season dual meets (4 home and 4 away).  The season culminates with two championship meets.  You do not need to attend every meet, but swimmers must participate in at least 3 dual meets in order to swim at a championship meet.  All 6 & under swimmers are eligible to swim at the Classic Meet regardless of time. All other swimmers (7 years old and up) are eligible to swim at either the Classic Meet (held first) or at the City Meet (held one week later).  City swimmers must make qualifying times in order to be eligible for participation in that meet.  If qualifying times are achieved, the swimmer can only participate in that event at the City meet.  City qualifying times can be found under the Documents tab on the website.

Your swimmer is not automatically entered into meets.  Each meet is a separate declaration, and this process begins by selecting the Team Events button from the HOME page on our website. (You must be logged on to your account to enable meet sign up for your swimmer(s)

You will be asked to declare yes or no for participation for each of your swimmers for that meet (sign up record).  You must repeat this process for each swimmer.  You may change your commitment at any time during the time period that sign up is open for that meet. In the event of a change after the meet sign up closes (illness, etc), please notify the Coaches by email via [email protected]

Directions for meet sign up for your swimmer can be found under the Meets/Social Events Tab – sub tab ‘Signing up for meets’ on our website. 

How do I know what events my swimmer will be in?

The events list will be posted at the pool either the day before a meet or the morning of a meet.  You can also look online under your account the morning of the meet.  Swimmers rarely swim every event for which they are qualified in a given meet.  But throughout the season every effort will be made to see that each swimmer has chances to swim each event.  PLEASE NOTE, however, that events can be changed at the last minute (particularly relays) if the coaches learn at the last minute that a swimmer will not be attending the meet.  Be sure to double check your events when they are posted before the start of a meet.

How long does a meet last, and do I need to stay for the entire meet?

A meet typically lasts roughly 3 ½ hours.  But some are shorter and some are longer.  Variables that affect the length of a meet include the size of the teams swimming against each other, number of lanes at the pool, how organized a pool is in running a meet, and sometimes weather.   If there is bad weather, but a belief it will pass over quickly, a meet could be stopped for a bit, and then restarted.  If you are not working a job or if your job is complete, you are free to leave after your child swims his or her last event.  However, please have your swimmer check in with his/her coach before leaving to make sure he/she is not needed to fill in for a late relay.  Events are always held in the same order.  Our webpage (under the Documents tab - How a Meet Works) lists the order of events.

What does my swimmer need to do at the start of a meet?

Swimmers should arrive beginning 60 minutes before the start of the meet.  If it is an evening meet, arrival time/check-in is between 4:30-5:00 pm (meets start at 5:30 pm).  If it is a morning meet, arrival time/check-in is between 7:30-8:00am (meets start at 8:30 am).  Upon arrival at the meet, swimmers sign in by checking in with their coaches.  If swimmers do not check in within 30 minutes of the start of the meet, they will be scratched from the meet. 

Each age group warms up in the pool for a few laps before the meet.  Warm ups typically start 30 minutes prior to the meet.  If you you’re your warm up time there will be no other opportunity to get in the pool until your child swims his or her first event.


What do I need to do at the start of a meet?

Parents who are working the meet must check in no later than 30 minutes before the start of the meet and get their name tags.  Look for a table with our volunteer coordinator – he/she will have a clipboard and stop watches.  Listen for instructions for meetings for timers, officials, and general pool.  Please be sure you attend EVERY meeting, even if you believe you already know what to do.  Instructions can vary slightly from pool to pool, and the individuals running the meet need to know every job is fully staffed before the meet can begin.

What should I bring to a meet?

Most families bring at least two towels per swimmer, a few pairs of goggles, and clothing for your swimmer to wear between events.  As meets are long, you should plan on eating.  Swimming is hard work and your child will need to fuel up!   Concession menus vary from pool to pool, but you can usually plan on bagels, muffins, juice and coffee being available for breakfast, and pizza and various grilled items for lunch and dinner.   You should also either bring or purchase beverages.  If you bring your own food use a cooler with your name on it.  There are a few pools that host visiting teams on their tennis courts, and they do not allow food on the courts.  In those cases there is a cooler area where food is “parked” until you are ready to eat.  Many families also bring folding chairs to sit on (as pool seating is limited), blankets, and often some form of shade from the sun.  Tents and umbrellas of various kinds are popular.  Remember to bring sunscreen for yourself and your swimmer, and keep some insect repellant in your bag in case there are a lot of mosquitoes.  You should also bring a Sharpie marker or two.  Many swimmers (parents too) write their event numbers, heat numbers, and lane assignments on their hand or along the inside of their arm using a marker.

How do I know where away meets are located?

Addresses and maps to each pool can be found under the Pool Locations tab on the website.  Availability of parking varies from pool to pool.  Until you know the set up at each pool, it is helpful to give yourself an extra 15 minutes to find parking and carry your things into the pool area.



How do I know if a meet will be canceled for bad weather, and what constitutes “bad weather”?

All cancellations and weather-related announcements will be made via email and posted on the White Eagle Swim Team website (www.whiteeagleswimteam.com).  If you are in doubt, please check your email immediately before heading out to a meet.  Meets ARE held in the rain if there is no lightening.  Bring rain ponchos or something to cover up your chairs if you can.  The swim schedule is quite full, and meets can be difficult to reschedule, so if the weather is “iffy” you should expect to head to the pool. 

How are points awarded at a meet to determine a winner?

In order to accommodate the different sizes of each team, only the fastest heat of each event is scored.  In individual events points are awarded as follows:  1st place (5 pts), 2nd place (3), 3rd place (2), 4th place (1).  Relays are scored a little differently.  First place is awarded 8 points, and second place is awarded 4 points.  However if one team takes both 1st and 2nd place, they cannot receive all 12 points.  In that case the first place team receives 8 points, and the second place team receives 0.

How are swimmers recognized for their individual accomplishments?

We provide Ribbons to ALL legal finishes in ALL individual events for ALL heats for our HOME meets, however the following guidelines have been set by the Naperville Swim Conference, which may explain why sometimes you do not get a ribbon:

Awards Ribbons shall be supplied by each individual team to all swimmers 12 and under in individual events for at least the first four places. In all 12 and under relay events, ribbons shall be awarded to each member of the relay teams that finish in at least the first two places. Each team will provide their own ribbons and the Home team will supply ribbon labels for all swimmers.

a.         Individuals or relay teams that are disqualified in an event will not be eligible to receive awards in that event. 

b.         Ribbons shall be awarded based on the actual order of legal finish without regard to how the race is scored. 

c.         Teams may and are encouraged to award ribbons for each legal finisher in each heat, including exhibition heats; however, if such ribbons are awarded, they MUST be given to swimmers from both teams.

Ribbons are distributed on Fridays during your swimmers regular practice time.  They are filed by swimmers names and placed in our ribbon boxes.  Boxes will be located on the pool deck.

 How do parents get signed up for the jobs they need to do?

Job sign up will be conducted through the website.  An email announcing the start date for job signups will be sent out several days in advance.  This year we are requiring each family to sign up and work 5 jobs.  You will sign up for the dates you wish to work your jobs and at that meet you will check in with the volunteer coordinator 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a meet to find out your job responsibility for that meet.  With the exception of Time Trials, families can enlist more than one member to work at a meet to help fulfill the requirement.  One family member = one job.  Family members 15 years of age and over are eligible to help fulfill job commitments. 

Directions on how to sign up for meets will be sent in an email, but can also be found under the Parent/Swimmer Info Tab – sub tab ‘Job sign ups’ on our website. 

It is very important that every family fulfill their job commitments.  It would be impossible to run a meet without the support of our parents.   We do understand that schedules change, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement by asking another family on the team if they can switch a date with you.  If you switch dates with another family, notify our volunteer coordinators via email.  Brand new and know no one?  Don’t panic, email the volunteer coordinators and they will help you.  (Contact information for the volunteer coordinators can be found on the website Parent/Swimmer Info tab – sub tab ‘Parent Committee’ – for privacy reasons; you must be logged in to your account to see this page)

We do know that sometimes last minute illnesses or emergencies arise.   If you are not able to find a replacement to assist in these cases, you can pay $40 to the team and we will hire a sub for you.  Contact the volunteer coordinators ASAP and prior to the check in time for the meet to let us know the reason you cannot work and we will arrange a sub for you (email preferred, but if contacting on actual day of meet, use text and email to ensure your message is received).  The sub must be hired by the team, you cannot hire your own and this is to be reserved for true emergencies and is limited to two uses per family per season.  You will be billed for the sub and payment must be received by the next meet your swimmer participates in.  If you fail to contact us prior to the meet, you will be counted as a no show and fined $80.  Payment of this fine must be made prior to next meet your swimmer participates in to ensure he/she is allowed to participate.

 In addition to the 4-5 required jobs, all families must supply a worker if their child swims in the Classic Meet or the City Meet. Working at these meets does not count toward the 5 job requirement.

Job Descriptions and more information about this can be found in the Information Packet under the Documents tab on the website.  

 What does the Parent Committee do?

The White Eagle Parent Committee is comprised of parent volunteers who work throughout the season and some throughout the entire year to ensure you and your swimmers have an enjoyable and rewarding summer season.  For their dedication, Parent Chairs and committee members receive job credits towards the family job requirement for the season. 

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):  interviewing, hiring and evaluating the coaching staff, establishing the budget, locating parent chairs to head up each committee, making necessary purchases, and providing representation to the Naperville Swim Conference.  In addition the Committee troubleshoots and responds to the many issues that arise during the course of the actual season. We are here to make the swim season as enjoyable as possible for all swimmers and their families.  Please feel free to ask a question or identify a concern at any time. You can find a current list of committee chairs and members under the Parent/Swimmer Info tab. (For privacy reasons; you must be logged in to your account to see this page)

After Season starts FAQs and reminders