Swim Team Private and Semi-Private Lessons 

What is a private lesson? 

A private lesson is a lesson with one swimmer and one coach to work on specific skills. These skills can include starts, turns, incorrect technique, or further improving a stroke that may be legal, but could use some individual attention. Private lessons are not for extra yards or multiple athletes at a time. They are designed to help swimmers on a more individual level so they can get extra help in an area they need and the subject of the lesson should be discussed before the lesson takes place (think like a math tutor for working on multiplying fractions for a test).


How do I set up a private lesson? 

All private lessons are scheduled directly with the private lesson instructor via their preferred method of contact. Each lesson will be scheduled directly with that instructor and they will be set up on a first come, first serve basis. All payment will be made directly to that instructor.


When will private lessons be held?

We will be holding private lessons between and after practice. Each swimmer can have 1 private lesson each week. Again, because this work is very specific, we don’t want any swimmers to be overwhelmed. 


Who are the coaches running private lessons?

Here is a list of coaches, their preferred contact method(s), days they are available, and their pay rate.







Head Coach


[email protected]




Private Lesson Rates (1 student 30 minute lesson) 

Head Coach: $25

Age Group Coach: $20

Junior Coach: $15


Semi-Private Lesson Rates (2 students 30 minute lesson)

Head Coach: $35

Senior Coach: $30



Arrangements can be made directly with the coach of your choice either during practice or via email.