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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to a swim meet?

Besides the obvious (suit, cap and goggles), you’ll want to be sure your swimmer has a few towels, some warm clothing, and a blanket to sit on. You might also want to pack some books, games or snacks for in between their events.


How long does a meet last?

Usually 3-4 hours.


How many meets do we have to do?

We’d encourage you to do as many as you can - but we’d ask that you do at least three meets plus either city or classic.


When will my swimmer get his/her ribbons?

Ribbons will put in your family folder within a couple days after the meet. Family folders are brought out during each practice and placed on the white benches near the pool. DQ cards will also be placed in there. Please don’t let these discourage your swimmer. Instead, have them bring them into practice and ask a coach how they can fix what they did wrong - use it as a tool to help your swimmer improve. NEW this year - Swimmers ages 13 and older will not receive ribbons. They’ll receive a time card for all the events they swim.


What should we do when we get to a meet?

Find the junior coaches and check-in with them. This is essential and must be done right away as it secures your spot in the meet. Late check-ins might not be able to swim in the meet. Next, find the clipboards with the list of events on it. At Saybrook, we hang the clipboards on the tennis fence, at away meets in varies - the junior coaches will know. Many swimmers like to use a “Sharpie” marker to write down their events on their hand so they don’t forget. Once you have checked in and found out their events, set up camp and wait for instructions from your coaches. Ages 9 years and over will warm up - so be sure to be ready for that. If you’re not warming up you can just hang out and listen for your events to be called. Swimmers ages 10 and under will be lined up in the bullpen area prior to each event. Be sure you listen for your events to be called. While we do our very best to find every swimmer, ultimately it is is the swimmer’s and parent’s responsibility to be sure their child is ready to swim.



Where do I find out what my child is swimming in the meet?

Team line ups are posted on the fences at the swim meets. You can also check the line up using the OnDeck Parent App the day of the meet, but make sure to still check the clipboards on the fence prior to the meet in case there were any last minute changes that had to be made. Many swimmers and their families use a “Sharpie”marker to write down the Event/Heat/ Lane numbers on their hands after checking the final line up posted on the fence. We will post the pre-listing on this website the morning before the meet. Meet entries are also available via the OnDeck Parent App on your smartphone as they become available. If you download the App our team name is: recnpssil


If I am volunteering do I have to work after my swimmer is finished with his/her events?

Yes, unless you can find someone to replace you, or if your job is complete.


Do I have to attend the Starts/Turns/Finishes Clinics?

No - They are totally optional. You may find that an hour is enough for the little ones. But if they can hang in there, we’d encourage them to attend when they can.


How old do volunteers need to be?

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old for all jobs.


How many events will my child swim?

The 6 and under age group swims in the 25yd freestyle and 25yd backstroke events. Ages 7 and older can expect to swim at least two events (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke or Individual Medley (IM)) and one relay. If your child is in the freestyle relay, the last event, please don’t leave until they swim their part in the relay. There are 3 other swimmers in the relay that will be scratched and no points counted if 1 swimmers isn’t present. Remind your child the relay is depending on you stay and swim your best.


What is City and Classic?

City and Classic are the two options for our end of the year championships. Swimmers 7 years and over are eligible to swim city if they qualify under the city times. Swimmers 6 and unders are only eligible for the Classic meet. The Classic meet does not have qualifying times. Swimmers can only swim in one championship meet. You must swim in at least 3 dual meets to swim in a championship meet. Classic and City are both GREAT meets - give your swimmer the chance to complete their season and see their times improve!


Who is my child’s coach?

Ruthy O’Malley Head Coach

Michelle Bertram Assistant Head Coach & Swim Lesson Coordinator