Job Descriptions


Announces all general and swim events for the meet. Organizes and announces the Star Spangled Banner.

Clerk of Course
Assist with all aspects of lining swimmers up for events.  Reports to Clerk of Course Parent Chair.  Arrives 30 minutes before meet start.

Services food and drink to our home team and the visiting teams. Specific areas of concessions will be assigned and emailed to you prior to the meet.

General Pool
On call to work any job, if needed.

Grill Master
Manage the grill area and production of specific items as well as insures proper food quality and temperature. Must be very comfortable with cooking on the grill to sign up for this position. 

Grill Cook / Service
Assists the Grill Master with the production of food, general prep work-i.e. tearing lettuce, slicing tomatoes, slicing onions etc... and serving food to our home and visiting teams.

Heat Winners
Distribute cards to heat winners for each race to be redeemed for prizes.

Provide snacks and water to Timers, Scoring and Officials throughout the meet.

Meet Set-Up and Take-Down
Set up of ropes, stanchions, bleachers, tents, starter, podium, bullpen, flags, lane lines.  Take down after meet.  Arrive 90 minutes before meet start.

Official – Referee (requires Officials training and significant meet experience)
Run the meet events, update event counter, lead pre-meet Officials' meeting, judge starts/turns, ensure on time start.  

Official – Back-Up (requires Officials training)
Provides relief for Stroke and Turn officials.

Official – Starter (requires Officials training and significant meet experience)
Works the light/buzzer to start events.  

Official – Stroke (requires Officials training)
Watches swimmers for stroke violations.

Official – Turn (requires Officials training)
Watches swimmers for turn violations.

Assists Parties chair in all aspects of hosting swimmer party.  Limit: 1 per family

Circulates around the pool to collect timing sheets and D/Q cards from officials.

Assists in entering and/or checking times as they are entered into the computer system.

Assists the Spirit chairperson with decorating and running various spirit activities for swimmers.

Stands at a lane and uses a stopwatch to time events.