Team Communication

Read on for helpful information on how to stay up-to-date on everything Brookdale Bucs related!

Add & Verify a Mobile Number for Text Messages

- Log in to the Brookdale Bucs and go to the My Account page. 

- In the SMS field, enter your mobile number and select the carrier.

- Click Save in the upper right or at the very bottom of the screen.

- You will immediately receive a text message with a verification link.  Click the link to verify.  A window will open with a success message.   

Email Communications

Review Your Website Account

- Log in to the Brookdale Bucs and go to the My Account page. (By the way, you can add up to four email addresses on your account to receive team email updates.)

- Does your email address appear as "Unverified?" Should this happen, click “Unverified” and select “Yes” to send the verification email.  Check your inbox for the verification email and click the link in the email message.  The next time you log into the Bucs website, your email address will then appear as “verified.”  This will make sure we have a good email address on file for you.

Check Your Email Account

- To mark our team emails as a “safe sender,” please add this email address to your address book in your email account: [email protected]

- Please check your Spam folder to see if Bucs emails are being routed there.  If you’d like to search your email account for any of our team emails, all team emails come from this email address: [email protected].

- Should you find any of our team emails in your spam folder, please click here for information on how to prevent our team emails from being marked as spam.

Continued Email Issues

If after completing the above steps, you're still not receiving our team emails. Please complete our contact form so we may further troubleshoot.  Thank you!


During summer swim season, we would highly recommend you to enable Facebook Notifications for the Brookdale Bucs Swim Team Facebook Page.  Don’t worry—we promise we won’t blow up your Facebook news feed!

1) Our Facebook Page can be found at:

2) Click the three dots that appear next to the “Send Message” and select “Follow Settings”

3) For “News Feed,” click “Favorites” to make sure Bucs posts appear higher in your news feed.

4) Under “Notifications,” you can also enable notifications by selecting the “Standard” option under “Posts.”