Big Bucs/Little Bucs Program

The Big Buc/Little Buc Program is designed to promote team unity! This is a fun opportunity for all the swimmers to unite and strengthen the Bucs Team by pairing up older and younger swimmers to build lasting friendships and camaraderie among the different age groups.

The Big Buc/Little Buc Program is open to all swimmers and is completely voluntary.

Swimmers 11 years or older will be designated as a Big Buc and will be assigned to a Little Buc (10 years old and younger) for the season.

Examples of responsibilities include designing poster to cheer on your Big Buc/Little Buc during their events, create a good luck card for your Big/Little Buc, and treat your Big Buc/Little Buc to their favorite treat to get energized for their events.

More information will be coming soon!