Meet Volunteer Assignments

Below is a description of the volunteer positions needed for each meet.  If you are unable to work your shift for some reason, please note it is is your responsibility to find your own replacement.

Each meet requires a large number of parent volunteers in order for the events to run smoothly and efficiently. Below is a list of volunteer positions and the associated duties.  As acknowledged during the registration process, one family member should plan to volunteer at each meet their family attends.  

Timers (Home and Away Meets):  Each team provides half of the timers for the meet.  If you like to be close to the action, this is the job for you.  Stopwatches are provided by the team, handed out at volunteer check-in.  There is a timer meeting/training before each half of the meet.  Timers work either the first half or second half.  

Across the Board (home & away meets) Two people assigned at the side of the pool at the end of the course to visually place and record the results of each heat. Each volunteer works half a meet.

Runner (home meets only):  One person collects timer sheets and DQ slips from timers and officials after each event.  No expertise required, but a good amount of walking is involved.  

Clerk of the Course (home and away meets):  This is a challenging job and takes an authoritative person.  This person works with the swimmers to line them up in heats and to get them to the starting blocks for upcoming races.  It is best if there are consistent people doing this job to help the meet run smoothly.  

Table Worker: Balloting (home and away meets):  Score the meet and determine place awards.  Brief training will be provided prior to the meet. 

Table Worker: Ribbons (home and away meets):  Place stickers on the backs of ribbons and file them in the teams' ribbon boxes.

Heat ribbons (home meets-works the entire meet):  Awards heat ribbons to the winners of each heat for ONLY 8&under and 9-10 age groups.  This person must pay close attention to the meet and be on deck when these age groups are swimming.

Hospitality Worker (home meets only-works entire meet):  Hospitality Worker reports to concession area.  They roll coolers of water around the pool deck to supply water to all volunteers. 

Announcer (home meets, works entire meet: This person works home meets only.  This job involves setting up and  working with the PA system at the pool.  The announcer is responsible for informing the crowd of which swim races are coming up, scores and concession information, etc.  The announcer must be ready to work by 5:30 at each home meet.  

Concessions (Home meets only):   Sell concessions and heat sheets during the meet.  Although this job is away from the pool, volunteers are able to step away and watch their child swim when needed.  

Safety Marshall (Home meets only - full meet):  Wear a safety vest and be present on deck beginning at warm ups and lasting through the whole meet.  Help keep swimmers safe by discouraging unsafe behavior.  The Safety Marshall can move around the deck, but for insurance purposes must be on deck the entire time swimmers are in the pool.  

Meet Set-up (home meets only): Involves putting up starting blocks, ropes, flags, moving chairs, arranging tables and supplies.  Some heavy lifting is required for this job.

Clean-up (home meets only): Make sure the pool is cleaned up immediately after the meet.  Pick up trash, take down all equipment, move all chairs, arranging tables/chairs back, etc.  This can be done quickly if everyone pitches in.  Heavy lifting is required for some portions of this job.