Below is a description of the volunteer positions needed for each meet.  If you are unable to work your shift for some reason, please note it is is your responsibility to find your own replacement.  To reach our volunteer coordinator, please click here.

Each meet requires a large number of parent volunteers in order for the events to run smoothly and efficiently. Below is a list of volunteer positions and the associated duties. Please take a moment to look over the requirements and then go the the EVENTS tab and sign up for the jobs at each meet. THANKS!

Certified Positions---requires training.  Please inquire if interested in one of these positions.

  • Referee (home meets, works entire meet):  Must complete training, test and class.   Must have 2    years experience as Starter prior to working as Referee. This is the full authority official for the meet.
  • Starter (home meets, works entire meet):  Must complete training, test and class.  Must have 2 years experience as Stroke Judge prior to working as Starter.   Announces the event and starts each heat.  Assures a fair start for each heat  is achieved.
  • Stroke Judges (home and away meets) Must complete training, test and class. This official monitors the stroke techniques of all swimmers. 
  • Computer (home meets):  Computer worker requires special training and must be approved by the             board prior to filling.  This job involves entering the race results into the computer for final scoring.  Computer worker works directly with the table workers.

All other Positions (uncertified)---easy to learn, minimum training involved

  • Timers (Home and Away Meets):  This job is essential to running a swim meet, but is one of the easiest.   Each team provides enough timers to run the meet.  If you like to be close to the action, this is the job for you.  Each timer is provided a stop watch  by the head timer.  These will be distributed on-deck by the Head Timer. For home meets 2 timers are needed for even lanes and one timer for odd lanes.  For  away meets 1 timer is needed for odd lanes and 2 timers for even lanes.  Brief instructions will be provided prior to the meet, if needed, on  operating the stop watches.  Each timer is asked to work half of the meet.
  • Back-up Timer (home meets only):   This timer works as a back up in the event a watch is not started on time or  is not working correctly.  Each back-up timer works half a meet.
  • Stand by Timers (entire meet):   Two people scheduled to fill in as a timer in the event a timer is unable to fulfill his/her duties.
  • Across the Board (home & away meets) Two people assigned at the side of the pool at the end of the course to visually place and record the results of each heat. Each volunteer works half a meet.
  • Runner (home meets only):  As swimmers line up a the blocks the runner collects the cards and gets             them to the scorer table.  It is a fast moving job, the time goes by quickly.  It is easy to learn.
  • Clerk of the Course (home meets only):  This is a challenging job and takes an authoritative person.  This person works with the swimmers to line them up in heats and to get them to the starting blocks for upcoming races.
  • Table Worker (home and away meets):  Table workers are the persons who score the meet and determine place awards.  Brief training will be provided prior to the meet.  One of the table  workers is assigned to ribbons.  This is separate from “heat ribbon”  assignment.
  • Heat ribbons (home meets-works the entire meet):  Heat ribbon worker awards heat ribbons to the winners of each heat for  age groups: 8 & under and 9-10 groups.  Must pay close attention to the         meet and be on deck when these age groups are swimming.
  • Hospitality Worker (home meets only-works entire meet):  Hospitality Worker reports to concession area. Worker is to provide drinks to all volunteers during the meet.
  • Announcer (home meets, works entire meet: This person works home meets only.  This job involves setting up and  working with the PA system at the pool.  Some working knowledge of  how a swim meet runs would be helpful.  The announcer is responsible for   informing the crowd of which swim races are coming up, scores and  concession information, etc.
  • Concessions (Home meets only):   Three people for each half to assist with concessions.  This is new to our  team this year. We will need three people to work with our vendor to take and serve orders and handle cash. Volunteers do work the whole meet but are encouraged to take a break to watch their swimmers compete!
  • Meet Set-up (home meets only): Involves putting up starting blocks, ropes, flags, moving chairs, arranging tables and supplies.  Some heavy lifting is required for this job.
  • Break down and clean-up (home meets only): Make sure the pool is cleaned up immediately after the meet.  Pick up trash, take down all equipment, move all chairs, arranging tables/chairs back, etc.  This can be done quickly if everyone pitches in.  Heavy lifting is required for some portions of this job.