General Meet Information

  • Swim meets are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Most Farmstead meets are dual meets, meaning that we compete against just one other team. Exceptions include championship meets and special invitational meets.
  • Swim meets last three to four hours and have 78 events with multiple heats. For the order of events, please see the pulldown menu under the EVENTS tab.
  • Only the first heat of each event contributes to the scoring of the meet. Ribbons are awarded for placement in each heat.
  • Age six and under events are exhibition only and do not contribute to the overall team score.
  • All swimmers’ times for all events, no matter which heat, are part of the swimmers’ individual record.

Arrival Time for Swim Meets

Swimmers are expected to be at the pool 1 hour before the start of a meet. The Tuesday and Thursday meets start at 5:30 p.m., therefore swimmers are expected to be at the pool at 4:30 p.m. Saturday meets start at 8:30 a.m. therefore swimmers are expected to be at the pool at 7:30 a.m.


At each meet, the events the swimmers will be swimming are posted according to age group on clipboards near the team area. When the swimmers arrive at the pool, either a parent or the swimmer should check-in by highlighting their child’s name on the list so that the coaches know that they are present.

Disqualifications (DQs)

Swimmers may be disqualified from any event for a variety of reasons related to false starts, stroke technique or even conduct. A swimmer’s time will not be counted if the swimmer is disqualified. All DQs should be discussed individually by a coach with the swimmer. Any questions should be directed to a coach.

Team Area

At every meet, Farmstead swimmers will have a designated team area. Parents, please remember it is your responsibility to make sure your swimmer(s) stay in the team’s area at the swim meets. If they need to leave the team area, please make sure they return as soon as possible. It is not the coaches’ or bull pen volunteer’s responsibility to track down the swimmers for their races. If your swimmer is not in the team’s area when his/her race is lining up, he or she may miss his or her assigned heat. Swimmers will not be inserted into later heats if they miss their assigned race.

Courtesy at Meets

Please remember to be respectful of pool neighbors at both home and away meets. Please observe signs and park legally, do not litter and drive carefully.

Please also remember that many pools, including our own, have rules about food and drinks in the eating area only. Ignoring these rules could result in the loss of the Health Department certificate to sell food. Profits from concessions represent a significant portion of our swim team budget and losing the privilege to sell them would jeopardize our ability to continue as a team.

Goal Program

One of the greatest assets of our team is our goal program. Every child is given the opportunity to swim every stroke at our Time Trials in order to establish a base time for each individual event. Every time a swimmer improves his/her time during a dual or championship meet, he or she is awarded a star, which many of the children have sewn on sweatshirts or bags. This gives every swimmer an individual goal to work toward. We also offer prize incentives for accumulated time drops, i.e. gift certificates to the concessions stand or FST logo shoe charms for Crocs.

Championship Meets

The two championship meets which culminate the Naperville Swim Conference are the Classic Meet and the City Meet. These are the meets for which swimmers strive for their best times of the season.

Each event at the Classic Meet is divided into two tiers (except 6 and under events, which are divided into three tiers). Placement into tiers is determined by swimmers’ final times in the events they swam during the season. Awards are given through 8th place in each tier. Only Tier 1 swimmers can score points for their teams. The Classic Meet is held at local Naperville high school.

To compete in the City Meet, swimmers must meet established qualifying times set for each individual event. These times will be posted at the Farmstead Pool on the Swim Team Information Board, and on the this website. Team scores are kept for this meet and trophies are awarded to each age group winner. This allows for more teams to participate in the awards. All teams in the Naperville Swim Conference send their qualifying swimmers to this meet, which is also held at a Naperville high school.

Please Note: A swimmer may swim an individual event in only one championship meet. If a swimmer has only one City qualifying time, he/she may choose to swim in the Classic meet, but may only swim strokes other than the one he/she has qualified for at City. Swimming at the Classic Meet can often be more personally rewarding than swimming at the City Meet. Classic meet swimmers may be asked to swim on relays at the City meet.

End of Season Awards

FST Team Awards Banquet:  At the banquet, coaches will inform us of standings at the championship meets and celebrate the successes of individuals, age groups and the entire Farmstead Team. 

At the banquet we will also present the Connor Kandl Outstanding 6 & Under Award and the Jason Bill Memorial Spirit Award.  These two memorial awards were named for former Farmstead swimmers who exemplified spirit, enthusiasm, teamwork and positive attitude during their participation on our team. 

The awards will be presented to current Farmstead swimmers who demonstrate the same characteristics, regardless of their speed or ability.  These awards are Farmstead’s special way of remembering two wonderful swimmers who are no longer with us, and to honor those who help their spirits live on.