Special Farmstead Awards

Jason Bill Memorial Spirit Award
At the end of the swim season, during the swim team’s banquet, the coaches will award the Jason Bill Memorial Spirit Award. This award goes to a swimmer who demonstrates enthusiasm/spirit, a positive attitude and teamwork – always supporting fellow Farmstead swimmers and coaches. Jason Bill exemplified these qualities- thus, the reason for this award.

For those families that are new to the Farmstead Team, we thought it would be beneficial to provide you with a brief background on how this award was established. Jason Bill was a long-time member of the Farmstead Flying Fish. He began competitive swimming as a 6-under, and swam for Farmstead for many years. He enjoyed every aspect of the swim team. In June 1995, Jason was involved in a tragic water sports accident, which claimed his life at the age of 13. The Farmstead community mourned along with Jason’s family, and missed his presence at the pool. At the close of that 1995 swim team season, the Farmstead Swim Team established this award in honor of Jason, so that he would never be forgotten, and so that other swimmers would aspire to demonstrate some of the same qualities that Jason had possessed.

The recipient of this award will have their name engraved on a plaque, along with all of the preceding recipients’ names. This plaque is proudly displayed at the pool all summer long.

Jason Bill Memorial Spirit Award recipients

1995 Chris Meister
1996 Katie Houghtlin
1997 Meagan Drapalik
1998 Justin Batzel
1999 Rachel Cherney
2000 Brittany Walk
2001 Corey Stein
2002 James Redford
2003 Morgan Alberts
2004 Andrew Kanning
2005 Jenny Alberts
2006 Jana Sztuck
2007 Sydney Weeks
2008 Kyle Halford
2009 Samantha Herron
2010 Michael Stern, Matthew Wooten
2011 Emily Rodgers
2012 Griffin LeBeau
2013 Maria Gabriellli
2014 Nicholas Simon 
2015 Claire Mallen
2016 Katie Kelleher
2017 Abby Homan
2018 David Noroozi
2019 Mary Morgan
2021 Paul Peradotti


Connor Kandl Outstanding 6 & Under Award

Another award that is given to one swimmer each year is the Connor Kandl Award. This award is given to a deserving 6 & Under Farmstead Flying Fish swimmer. The swimmer should demonstrate enthusiasm, show outstanding spirit, have a positive attitude evidenced by an ever present smile, and be a hard worker. These characteristics were all exhibited by Connor Kandl.

Connor Kandl became very ill during the summer of 2002. The Farmstead community joined together for a car wash to raise money for the Kandl family. The Farmstead Flying Fish came together in such a remarkable way. Connor’s fellow teammates helped with the car wash, trying to help in any way. Sadly, a short time after the car wash Connor passed away.

Connor had blonde hair, blue eyes that you couldn’t miss, a perfect backstroke start, which made you think he had been doing backstroke starts his whole life, and who could ever forget his huge shining smile. He came into practice every morning with that huge smile on his face. When Connor passed away unexpectedly, it left all who knew him and his family in deep shock and sadness. The Farmstead Swim Team created this award as a way to remember and honor Connor.

Each year the Farmstead Swim Team coaches choose a recipient of the award. That person’s name is engraved on a plaque, along with all the preceding recipient’s names. This plaque is titled “Connor Kandl Outstanding 6 & Under Award”, and it is proudly displayed at Farmstead Pool all summer long.

Connor Kandl Outstanding 6 & Under Award recipients

2002 Andrew Barrett
2003 Paige Davis
2004 Kyle Halford
2005 Annie Tassi
2006 Sam Rodgers
2007 Madeline Mills
2008 Emma Guccione
2009 Will Endrud
2010 Mason Cooperkawa
2011 Becca Mask
2012 Henry Paul
2013 Delaney Oeth
2014 Bryce Dodsworth 
2015 Michael Grey
2016 Ryan Grey
2017 Natalie Marran
2018 Parker Hayes
2019 Colin Gensler
2021 Molly Doyle