Skills Needed

  • 6 and Under: must be able to swim one length of the pool, unassisted, which means no pulling on the lane lines or standing on the bottom
  • 8 and Under: must be able to swim one length of pool, unassisted
  • 9 and Over: must be able to swim two lengths of the pool, unassisted

While it is our goal that swimmers will improve stroke and technique as a consequence of practice, practices are not individually focused and are in no way a substitute for swim lessons.

For safety reasons, if after one week of practices and time trials, the coaches assess that a swimmer is not yet ready for swim team (based on the above noted swimmer expectations), the family will be respectfully asked to remove the swimmer from the team and given a full refund.

Practice Attendance

Swimmers are expected to attend and participate in swim practice according to the practice schedules. Swimmers will not improve without practice. If you know your swimmer will be absent due to vacation or illness, please notify the coach as soon as possible. Please also make sure your swimmers arrive at least five minutes before their scheduled practice time, so that they can begin swimming on time.

**Coaches should be notified of any illness or behavioral issues which might affect a child’s participation on the team.**

Meet Absences

All swimmers must declare Yes or No for each meet under the events tab. This will allow for coaches to be notified at least five days in advance of any meet, if a swimmer will not be in attendance. If a swimmer is scheduled to swim and does not show up, that swimmer will not be allowed to swim in the next meet.

Event Participation

Swimmers are expected to swim in all scheduled events. There is no partial-meet scheduling of swimmers in the line-up. If a swimmer misses a scheduled event, that swimmer will not be allowed to swim in the next meet. No exceptions.


All swimmers are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship in their own performance and towards the performance of both teammates and opponents.


All swimmers are expected to behave appropriately at practices and meets, both home and away. Swimmers are expected to follow the instructions of coaches and to respect other swimmers and pool property. If a swimmer causes any problems, coaches will warn the swimmer. A second incident will result in a coach/parent conference. Repeated discipline and behavior problems will result in removal from the team.