COVID-19 Update
As of 5/14/2020 :  The Naperville Swim Conference has released the official announcement (here) that there will be no competitive season this summer:  no dual meets, no Classic or City Championship meets.   Just because there is no competitive season, there is still a chance that we may have some Mudrats practices and internal team events.  The Park District is still currently planning to open the Beach on June 20.   The deciding factor for the Beach opening will be the Illinois Department of Public Health's determination to grant/not grant pool operating licenses this year.  IDPH has not yet made their final decision.  If the Beach is able to open, some type of Mudrats programming will be part of the summer season, even if it looks different than the usual practice schedule.  We will let you know as we learn more information.

The swim meets are driven by family participation. Running a swim meet requires a lot of work. The efforts put forth to run the meet comes from the families of the swimmers. We try to keep the workload for the family to a minimum, but this means that each swimmers' absence is costly in terms of keeping the meet running. The jobs you sign up for are important to the team and to your swimmer. If circumstances prevent your attendance contact the Parent Participation Coordinator ASAP so they can try to work something out before the meet starts. The Mudrat Parent Board members are listed under "Coaches" on this website.  If your swimmer has a last minute illness or other issue, you can email your swimmers' Coach, to let them know who will not show up so the problem can be dealt with as early as possible.


  • To work your six events so that your swimmer(s) may swim. Remember that to have a successful meet, it takes many workers!!!
  • To have your swimmer(s):
    • at practices and meets on time!
    • available for their events.
    • eat their snacks in the concession area and not in the team area.
    • help with clean up in the team area after the meet.
  • To remember that swim practice is NOT swim lessons and if your swimmer needs extra help with the strokes that swim lessons are available through classes or privately if so desired.
  • To practice good sportsmanship and to help your swimmer(s) do the same.
  • And most importantly, to have FUN!


  • Be on time for both practices and meets.
  • Listen to the coaches.
  • Eat your snacks in the concession areas.
  • Help clean up the team area at the end of the meet.
  • Practice good sportsmanship and to help your parents do the same.
  • Do your best, and to have FUN!