COVID-19 Update
As of 5/14/2020 :  The Naperville Swim Conference has released the official announcement (here) that there will be no competitive season this summer:  no dual meets, no Classic or City Championship meets.   Just because there is no competitive season, there is still a chance that we may have some Mudrats practices and internal team events.  The Park District is still currently planning to open the Beach on June 20.   The deciding factor for the Beach opening will be the Illinois Department of Public Health's determination to grant/not grant pool operating licenses this year.  IDPH has not yet made their final decision.  If the Beach is able to open, some type of Mudrats programming will be part of the summer season, even if it looks different than the usual practice schedule.  We will let you know as we learn more information.

*Note: All lanes are 25 yards unless otherwise noted.

Click on the Swim Team name for a map


Barn location: 421 W Martin Ave, Naperville, IL 60540

Ashbury Alligators (ASH)
3403 Lawrence Drive
6 lanes
Ashbury Alligators Swim Team Website
Naper Carriage Hill Cardinals (NCH)
400 Leamington Court
6 lanes
Naper Carriage Hill Cardinals Swim Team Website
Breckenridge Breakers (BKE)
2852 Breckenridge Estates
6 lanes
Breckenridge Breakers Swim Team Website
Naperville Central High School (NCHS)
440 West Aurora Avenue
Naperville, Illinois 60540-6298
8 lanes
Brookdale Buccaneers (BRO)
1625 Brookdale Road
6 lanes
Brookdale Buccaneers Swim Team Website
Naperville North High School (NNHS)
899 Mill Street
Naperville, IL
8 lanes
Centennial Beach Mudrats (CB)
500 West Jackson
Naperville Tennis Club Orcas (RC)
AKA - Racquet Club
1011 East Benton Avenue
6 lanes
Naperville Tennis Club Orcas Swim Team Website
Cress Creek Rebels (CC)
1215 Royal St. George Drive
6 lanes
Cress Creek Rebels Swim Team Website
Neuqua Valley Otters (NE)
2360 95th Street
8 lanes
Neuqua Valley Otters Swim Team Website
Cress Creek Cobras (COM)
1020 West Bauer Road
6 lanes
Cress Creek Cobras Swim Team Website
River Run Raptors (RR)
4204 Clearwater Lane
6 lanes
River Run Raptors Swim Team Website
Farmstead Flying Fish (F)
904 Mill Race Lane
6 lanes
Farmstead Flying Fish Swim Team Website
Saybrook Sharks (S)
10 East 12th Avenue
6 lanes
Saybrook Sharks Swim Team Website
Hobson West Waves (HW)
820 West Gartner Road
(5) 25m lanes
Hobson West Waves Swim Team Website
South Pointe Sea Stars (SP)
2824 Champion Road
6 lanes
South Pointe Sea Stars Swim Team Website
Huntington Barracudas (NOT ESTATES) (H)
1400 East Chicago Avenue
(4) 20 yard lanes
Huntington Barracudas Swim Team Website
Steeple Run Stingrays (SR)
6 South 050 Steeple Run Drive
4 lanes
Steeple Run Stingrays Swim Team Website
Huntington ESTATES Seahawks (HE)
1315 Hobson Road
6 lanes
Huntington Estates Seahawks Swim Team Website
Stillwater Starz (SW)
2308 West 87th Street
6 lanes
Stillwater Starz Swim Team Website
Maplebrook I Marlins (MB1)
1288 Sandpiper Lane
(4) 20 yard lanes
Maplebrook I Marlins Swim Team Website
Tall Grass Lightning (TG)
3324 Deering Bay Drive
6 lanes
Tall Grass Lightning Swim Team Website
Maplebrook II Blue Dolphins (MB2)
52 West Bailey Road
6 lanes
Maplebrook II Blue Dolphins
Waubonsie Valley Waves (WV)
2590 Ogden Avenue
8 lanes
Metea Valley High School
1801 N. Eola Rd
Aurora, IL 60502
White Eagle Warriors (WE)
3400 Club Drive
8 lanes
White Eagle Warriors Swim Team Website