1)  You have to sign up for meets and
    ALSO sign OUT of ones that you are not
    attending. Make it a practice to go to each
    event and just say "Yes" or "No".


1) More information can be found on each event. 
Simply click on the NAME of the event.  If there is
more information, it will be listed in the description. 
There may even be documents for some events
(like the pizza party) that you can download.


1) Do you want to see a report of what jobs you
    are signed up for?
-After you have logged in, click on the Events tab on
 the top navigation bar.
-Click on the tab that says "reports"
-Click on "Job signup report for my account"

-Choose a date range and click on search


2) Do you want to see your swimmers' relay

-After you have logged in, on "My Meet Results" on
 the left navigation bar.
-On the far right of the results page there is a "meet" column
-Click on the name of the meet that you are
 interested in seeing the relay results for.
-Click on the "Relay Events" tab.
-Fill in filter information and click on search.

ONDECK (Team Unify App)

-Go to the App Store and search for "OnDeck"
-Download it to you device
-Log in with the same information that you have for www.mudrats.org
NOTE:  It will ask for a code...ours is...recnslmst
Remember to sync the application when you log in or you may be missing important new information that was just added to the website.