The Stillwater Starz is a developmental summer swim team, one of 20 teams that make up the Naperville Swim Conference (NSC). NSC swim meets are held during the months of June and July at pools throughout the city of Naperville. We practice at the Stillwater pool, offering both morning (5 days/week) and evening (2 days/week) practice options.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Stillwater Starz is entirely volunteer-driven; all registration fees and sponsorship funds go directly to support programs for our young members, who range in age from 5-18. Most of our young swimmers reside in the Stillwater subdivision and other nearby neighborhoods in southwest Naperville. Membership is open to all eligible swimmers regardless of whether or not they reside in Stillwater itself. We're happy to welcome all our neighbors! 

For many of our young athletes, their time on the Starz is their first exposure to competitive swimming. For some of our older swimmers who now swim year-round on club and high school teams, the Starz is where they got their start. Our goal is to help children develop as swimmers, providing the support and skilled instruction that will help them grown in confidence. We strive to accomplish this in a safe, fun, and supportive environment, hopefully fostering a lifelong love of community, swimming, and sport!

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