Parent Job Registration Reminder

Mitzi Wenglarski
May 19, 2019

*More detailed information will come out later this week regarding job registration.  Please make sure you have submitted your bond or you will not have access to register for jobs on Friday, May 24 (you would rather choose the dates that work for you than have them assigned).

*Please login to your account before Friday so any account login issues can be fixed before job registration opens.

*If you are willing to work any of the pre-assigned jobs below please let me know.


Parent Worker Bond

After registration please mail your $100 bond check, made payable to Stillwater Swim Team, to  Mitzi Wenglarski , 2283 Glouceston Lane, Naperville IL  60564.  Bonds are only cashed when a Parent Worker Assignment is missed (see Team Handbook for more information). 

Accounts are not activated until the $100 bond is received, please contact me if you have submitted your bond and are still unable to login to your account.


Preassigned Jobs

The following jobs will be preassigned before job registration opens on May 24.  Consistent workers in these positons will assist in helping our meets run smoothly. Please respond to this email if you are interested in working one of the following positions, especially if this is not your first year on swim team.

Announcer* The Announcer welcomes both teams, introduces coaches and the national anthem, introduces each race, announces score updates throughout the meet, and makes other announcements as necessary. This job is at home meets only.

 Head Timer* The Head Timer will be responsible for distributing and collecting stopwatches used by all timers. At home meets, the Head Time will also be responsible for conducting the Timers Meeting, assigning timers to lanes, ensuring that all receive breaks as necessary, and supervising all timers. At away meets, Head Timer will act as relief for Backup/Relief Timer.

Head Clerk of Course/Bullpen* Head Clerk Obtains heat sheets for use by Clerk of Course and assigns specific duties to other clerks. Bullpen workers line Stillwater Starz swimmers up according to their event & take swimmers to starting blocks.

*These jobs can only be performed by an adult.