When schedules are tight or younger swimmers or siblings need care, parents may choose to hire a proxy to fulfill their seasonal worker obligation. The team requires that meet workers be at least 14 years of age*, and, while compensation is negotiated jointly between parent and worker, an hourly rate comparable to competitive local babysitting wage is a good guideline.

It’s important to communicate to your proxy worker what his or her job assignment will be, when and where (s)he should check in, and how long the meet is likely to last. Don’t forget to remind your proxy worker of their assignment close to the event. Should a proxy fail to report, responsibility for the job remains with the parent. A $100 no-show fee will be charged to the parent member’s credit card on file should that parent be unable to work or find a substitute.

Below, you'll find a list of area teens and young adults who have expressed their interest in serving as proxy workers this summer. Parents may use their own resources to locate proxies or are invited to select from the individuals on this list.

*Some jobs can only be completed by adults (ages 18+) and/or require special training or experience. Please refer to the Meet Job Descriptions below for more detail.


2023 Proxy Workers

Meet Job Descriptions

The following are brief descriptions of each job. Those marked with an asterisk (*) can
only be performed by an adult.
Announcer* - Welcomes both teams, introduces coaches and the national anthem,
introduces each race, announces score updates throughout the meet, and makes
other announcements as necessary.
Head Timer* - Distributes and collects stopwatches used by all timers. At home meets,
the Head Timer conducts the Timers Meeting, assigns timers to lanes, ensures that all
receive breaks as necessary, and supervises all timers. Previous timing experience
Timers – A timer stands behind his or her assigned lane and records swimmers’ times in
that lane throughout the meet. There are three timers per lane at every dual meet. A
timer uses a stopwatch to record times, checks that swimmers are in the correct events
and lanes, and provides a record of times to the runners for computer scoring. Timers
must attend a poolside meeting 15 minutes before the start of the meet.
Computers* - This position requires quick and accurate entry of meet results, printing of
heat sheets, processing of officials’ disqualifications, and more. Pre-season training to
familiarize yourself with the software and procedure will be required.
Meet Runner - Collects timer sheets and DQ cards after each event. Promptly delivers
cards to the computer/scoring table. Runners must attend a poolside meeting 15
minutes before the start of the meet.
Official* - Monitors swimmers’ strokes, determines false starts, and determines proper
turns & touches. Officials must attend a training clinic prior to the swim season, and
officials may only trade shifts with other NSC/USA Swimming trained officials.
Concessions & Hospitality - Take, prepare, and/or serve food and drink orders. These
workers may also assist in setting up/shutting down the concessions area before and
after the meet. These workers also provide water to timers, runners, computer workers,
coaching staff, announcer, and officials during the meet.
Griller* - Responsible for safely operating a gas grill and cooking burgers, hot dogs, and
other grilled items to fill concessions orders. Grillers may be asked to cook both beef and pork products.
Clerk of Course/Bullpen - Obtains heat sheets from and completes duties as assigned
by the Clerk of Course (Committee Chairperson). Bullpen workers line Stillwater Starz
swimmers up according to their event & take swimmers to starting blocks. Head Clerk*
Obtains heat sheets for use by Clerk of Course and assigns specific duties to other
clerks. Previous bullpen experience and an assertive personality required to serve as
Head Clerk.
Scorers – Positioned near the scoring/computer table, scorers receive DQ cards from
runners, then sort the cards by team. Scorers record the results following each race and
track team scores. They circle the official time, attach DQ cards to the back of timer
sheets, and write the team and swimmer’s name on the back of each DQ card. Scorers
work closely with computer personnel to review timing sheets.
General Pool/Floater – General pool workers may be assigned to fill any vacant
position at a meet. You must be flexible and willing to work in whatever position has a
last minute opening. After initial check-in, general pool workers must return to the
check-in area 20 minutes before the start of the meet to determine where they are
needed and what their job will be. A parent worker may select a General Pool/Floater
assignment only once per swim season.
Bag Tags Distributor- This worker observes the finish of each heat and hands a bag tag
to the first-place finisher. Home meets only.
Fun Fridays- Purchase (reimbursed) and delivery of popsicles or donuts before the first
practice on Friday morning. Four Fridays will count as one job toward your requirement.
You will coordinate with Melissa Jones and the other parent that signs up.
Championship Week Party/End of Season Banquet- Assist Social Chair Melissa Jones with food,
drinks, decorations, set up/clean up for the event.
Volunteer Coordinator for Classic/City*- Print name tags for team volunteers at
Classic/City and check in Stillwater volunteers at the meet site at the start of each
Area of Responsibility Lead-Classic/City*- Satisfies Stillwater’s conference obligation at
Classic/City by providing oversight for a designated area of the meet (i.e. bullpen,
marshals, hospitality, etc.). A job description, training, and a full team of volunteers will
be provided closer to the meet date. Please sign up for this position at the meet your
child is most likely to attend, Classic or City. You will be required to be on-site.
Assistant Meet Director for Classic (counts for 3 jobs and must be a parent that has
attended a championship meet)*- Please refer to the complete job description on the
NSC website for more detailed information.