Swimsuits and Apparel 

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Urban Tri Gear

Official team suits, caps (required for girls), and other Starz apparel (for kid AND adults) can be purchased at Urban Tri Gear in Westmont. 2021 suits are solid navy blue, and girls' suits are available in three different styles to suit different ages and body types. Girls can practice in any one-piece suit, and jammers are strongly recommended for boys (rather than trunks). Navy blue suits are required for swimmers competing in meets.

Starz families are invited to visit Urban Tri Gear in Westmont for help with sizing. Suits, caps, and gear may be ordered in person OR through our online team store at https://stillwaterstarz.itemorder.com/sale. If you don’t wish to order a team suit, any one-piece navy blue suit is acceptable for meets (jammers are suggested for boys).