Team Development (Lessons):

Private Instruction with the Stillwater Starz

In response to parent and community interest, we adapted our practice schedule in 2021 to accommodate a “Team Development” session from 10:20-10:50 on weekday mornings, after the 6U practice session concludes. We're exicted to continue Team Development this season.

During this half hour, many of our coaches are available for private lessons. Private lessons are helpful for the new swimmer looking to become more independent in the water. They’re equally useful in refining stroke and turn technique for more seasoned swimmers, and they can be tailored to suit the goals of individual athletes and their families. 

You are invited to contact one of our coaches directly based upon your swimmer’s needs and the coach’s background and expertise. Pay and scheduling (one or more sessions per week during our swim team season) will be negotiated independently between coach and parent.

2023 Team Development Coach Bios/Contacts (click)