Dunn Loring Swim and Dive Team

Dunn Loring Dive Team

FAQ's 2018

1) When does the Dive Team Practice?

Afternoon practices from June 3rd to June 13th (no practice last day of school)
13 & over -5-6pm
8 & Under -5:45-6:45pm
9 to 12 -6:30-7:30pm

Morning practices from June 17 to July 23rd
13 & over -9-10am
9 to 12 - 10-11am
8 & Under -11-12PM

Afternoon Makeup: Sundays and Thursdays time TBD.

(Sign up under "edit commitment" required for makeup sessions--weather permitting)

2) Do you take beginners?

Absolutely, some of our best year-round divers started as beginners at Dunn Loring. If your diver

is brave enough and excited to jump off the board, our coaches will teach them step by step.  

3) Can my child compete on both the swim and the dive teams?

Yes, over half the kids on the dive team are also on the swim team.  We schedule practices

consecutively so that those children are able to make both practices.  

4) What is the Cracker Jack Meet?

Cracker Jack is one of the largest developmental meets in the country. It is meant for

beginning and intermediate divers who usually don't score in A Dive meets.  

Everyone competes only against other divers of the same age and gender, e.g. 7-year-old girls. 

5)  How do I sign my child up for a meet?

Like last year, we are using Team Unify (this site) to see diver availability and parent volunteers.   Just like a swim meet, you will click on an event and indicate your divers' availability and/or volunteer options.  

Sonya or Lisa (and other swim parents) can help you if you are new to the system.  This helps us keep everything in one place!  

6)How many divers compete in an A meet on Tuesday night?

Our head coach selects up to 32 divers.  This season there are 2 home and  3 away "A" meets.

7)  How is a meet organized?

We follow the NVSL (Northern Virginia Swim League) Dive Meet rules.

  • Freshman (ages 10 & under) are required to do three dives: front dive, back dive + 1 optional
  • Juniors (ages 11 & 12) are required to do four dives: front dive, back dive + 2 optional
  • Intermediates (ages 13 & 14) are required to do five dives: front dive, back dive + 3 optional
  • Seniors (ages 15 & up) are required to do six dives: front dive, back dive, inward dive + 3 optional

8) Are there other meet opportunities?

For beginning and developmental divers, we will have 4 opportunities.  We will have a two B meets and we also encourage ALL eligible divers to participate in the Cracker Jack meet.  This is a fun developmental meet for all the divers in the NVSL.

Selected advanced divers may compete in the Wally Martin 3-meter & synchro dive meet at Oak Marr.  

Check out the calendar here on Team Unify and add our Google Calendar to your personal one.