Dunn Loring Swim and Dive Team

DLSC Dive Parent Introduction to the
NVSL (Northern Virginia Swim League) DIVE MEET RULES

To help you and your diver enjoy and learn the most from their dive meet experience, here are some basics rules for our dive meets. If you have any questions, please contact Sonya Marsden, Tracy Bloom or Liane Berger

5 volunteer judges (= 2 home team + 3 visiting)
1 referee (from home team)

Scoring the entire dive =
1. Starting position and approach
2. Take-Off
3. Technique & grace in the air
4. Entry into the water diving board

SCORES: For each dive, your diver receives 5 scores based on scoring that entire dive. Scores range from 0 to 10. Satisfactory dives range from 5 to 6 ½. Our summer divers typically score in the range of 4-6.

Your diver’s “Award” = (sum of 3 middle scores) x (Degree of Difficulty of their dive) highest + lowest score from 0.5 to 2.6 are dropped. DD table in the Handbook on page 144

MEET SHEETS: Dives are defined by TYPE (entry (for divers<10 yrs old), forward, back, reverse, inward or twist) and POSITION (straight, pike, tuck or free). Your diver should check the dive type and position listed on their meet sheet before signing. During the meet, before starting their dive, they may change the POSITION but not required type. They may also change only 1 optional dive to another dive that is equal to or less difficult (lower DD) than their original choice.

REFEREE: Referee calls are final. Referees may call a “balk” (each of the judges’ scores are reduced by 2 points) –or- a “failed” dive (diver’s “Award” = 0). This is done respectfully (“Thank you, diver.”).

  • Like baseball, balks occur when the diver “restarts” their dive after establishing their starting position and approach. The reason for the restart is not a consideration.

  • Failed dives occur if the diver: 1) does a dive different from the one announced; 2) takes off from 1 foot on their forward approach; 3) hands/head don’t touch water first on forward dive –or- feet don’t touch water first on back dive –or- entry on dives is twisted more than or less than 90 degrees.

If you disagree with any call during the meet, please communicate only with your Dive Team Representatives. Any protests may only be raised by the Dive Team Representative to the NVSL Division Coordinator.