Dunn Loring Swim and Dive Team

Dunn Loring Dive Team

Welcome to the Dunn Loring Dolphins Dive Team!

Being a member of the Dunn Loring Dolphins Dive Team is a great way to spend the summer. Members have a great time learning to dive in a safe and friendly environment with experienced coaches. This handbook is a guide to the things you need to know about diving for the Dolphins in the NVSL.


Our team belongs to the NVSL (Northern Virginia Swim League). This is a group of 102 community pools in the Northern Virginia area. Of those pools, 48 have dive teams. These teams are organized into 8 divisions. This year we will be competing in Division 1—the highest division. The season begins with our first after-school practice on Monday, June 3 and ends with the All-Star meet on Sunday, August 4. We have 5 “A” meets, 3 “B” meets, a divisional meet, and culminate the season with the All-Star meet. We also have a few special meets thrown in – a B meet, the Crackerjack meet, and the Wally Martin 3 Meter/Synchro meet.


Our coaches are all experienced divers and coaches.     

  • Head Coach Sam Duncan      
  • Assistant Coach Jill Stickel     
  • Assistant Coach Matthew Warren

This year we will have some familiar faces as junior assistant coaches too!

  • Spencer Bloom
  • Alanna Korff
  • Rishi Vasudevan
  • Evelyn Burns


We begin practices on Monday, June 3. While FCPS is in session, we meet after school Monday – Friday for 60-minute practices. When school is out for the summer, we have morning practices Monday – Friday. We have special days throughout the week.  For example, Tuesday is donut day and Wednesday is learn a new dive day and game day.  We will also have makeup practices for divers who are in camp.  These will be sign ups so if you have a diver who can’t make morning practices, please contact your dive Representative (Sonya, Tracy, Lisa or Tanya).

The divers will be doing stretching and conditioning, as well as board work. They’ll also be using a variety of equipment to train. We have stack mats, yoga mats, jump ropes, and a diving board carpet. The only personal equipment a diver needs is a swimsuit and a towel. Goggles are not allowed.


As a reminder, the pool requires that children 9 and under have a parent on deck during Dive team practices.  For these very young divers (i.e., 10 and under), the Dive Reps and Coaches ask that you sit near enough to the diving well to be able to see your child and the ease with which he or she is able to wait in line when he or she is not on the board.  If you cannot stay with your child during practice, the pool requires that you have another adult or a babysitter who is 14 years or older present for him or her.  In addition, one adult may be responsible for no more than 5 children under the age of 12.

Safety remains our ultimate concern.  The coaches must be able to focus entirely on the divers who are on the board.  To ensure this occurs, divers who have finished their practice (i.e., are from a previous group) need to leave the dive well as soon as their practice has ended.  Only the coaches and divers who are currently practicing should be in the dive well between 9:00 a.m. and Noon.  We appreciate your and your diver's understanding of this very important rule.

As a reminder, to ease the transition between the three morning practices, which run one right after the other, please do not have your diver enter the diving well until 10:00 a.m. (group 2) or 11:00 a.m. (group 3).  The Coaches need the full hour to clear the diving boards from the previous practice before the next one begins.

Finally, because diving well safety is our first priority, divers who are not behaving on the deck during practice will be asked by the Coaches to sit out that day.  If the problem reoccurs at a subsequent practice, one of the Dive Reps will contact the diver's parent(s).  In the event of a third instance, the Dive Reps and Coaches will evaluate whether or not the diver is ready to be a member of the team this season.  We appreciate your understanding as we introduce so many children to the sport of diving.


A Meets

We have 5 dual meets with the other teams in our division. These are usually held on Tuesdays at 6 pm. We reschedule any rained out meets to a date that works best for the most divers.

  • We are allowed to bring up to 32 divers to a dual meet regardless of age group. The coaches will determine which divers will participate. The top 3 divers in each age group are scored to determine the winning team.
  • The team with the best record during the season is awarded the title of Division Champion.
  • The age groups and required dives are based on a diver’s age on June 1*. They are:


10 & under

front entry/dive, back entry/dive, 1 optional (may be a jump)



front dive, back dive, 2 optionals


13 – 14

front dive, back dive, 3 optionals


15 and over

front dive, back dive, inward dive, 3 optionals

*A diver is allowed to “dive up” to a higher age group if the coaches think it is appropriate.

B Meets

We are having 3 B meets this summer. These are developmental meets for any diver who has not placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an “A” Meet that season. 


Crackerjack Developmental Meet

  • This meet is for novice divers who may or may not have been able to participate in one of the dual meets. This is a huge meet with divers from all of the teams in the NVSL taking part. The divers are allowed “do-overs”. Coach assisted dives are also allowed and scored. All divers receive awards and a box of Crackerjacks after competing. Divers who compete in this meet are not eligible to participate in the divisional meet.

Wally Martin 3 Meter/Synchro Meet

  • The 3-meter portion of this meet takes place on the high boards. It is open to any diver in the NVSL. The required dives are the same as for a dual meet. There will be at least one practice session before this meet.
  • The Synchro portion of this meet is on the 1-meter boards. Pairs can be from any combination of ages or pools. They must be of the same gender, though.

Divisional Meet

  • This meet takes place between the 6 teams in the division. Each team is allowed to bring 16 divers. The coaches will determine which divers are asked to participate. The divers who place in the top 2 in each age group will advance to the all-star meet. A diver may also advance to the all-star meet by attaining a certain score in this meet (the score will be published at the beginning of the season). Also, if a diver finishes as an alternate in divisionals and was in the top 8 finishers in the previous year’s all-star meet, they are eligible to dive in this year’s all-star meet.

All-Star Meet

  • This meet consists of the top divers from all 8 divisions. A diver must qualify for this meet at the divisional meet. This is the apex of the season.


The NVSL and the Dunn Loring Dive Team is run entirely by volunteers. In order to run a dive meet, we must have a referee, judges, table workers, an announcer, and a team representative. The NVSL offers training for these positions throughout the beginning of the season.

  • Table Worker Option 1 - Must be able to write down 5 numbers, cross out the high and low number, and add the remaining 3 numbers together.
  • Table Worker Option 2 – Must be able to use a calculator to multiply the score by the degree of difficulty and keep a running total.
  • Announcer --Announces the diver, the dive, the degree of difficulty, the scores, and the results.
  • Judge--Judges must be over 18 years old and have taken a judge training course.
  • Referee--Referees must have judged for 1 year in the NVSL and have taken the NVSL referee training course.


  • Sun, June 9 @ 9:45-11:15 am

Judges Clinic @ Sideburn Run Recreation Assn. 

  • Thurs, June 13 @ 6:30-8:30pm

Referee Clinic Truro Homeowners Association

  • Wed, June 19 @ 6:30-8:30pm   

Referee Clinic Truro Homeowners Association

  • Sun, June 23 @ 2:00-4:00pm       

Judges Clinic @ Camelot Community Club


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