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Dunn Loring Swim Team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What times are the practices?

Practice Times(Monday through Friday)

Afternoon practice starts Tuesday May 28th

8 & Unders -4:30 pm -5:30 pm

9 to 12 -5:30 pm -6:30 pm

13 & over -6:30 pm -7:30 pm

Morning Practice starts Friday June 14th

11 & over 8:00 am to 9:00 am

10 & under 9:00 am to 10:00 am

After school ends, there will be an afternoon practice for those who were in camp during the morning practices on Tues. and Thurs. from 7-8 pm. Please register in advance to sign up your kids for this special practice.

 Friday Morning practice is very IMPORTANT!!  That is where we announce the swimmers for Saturday’s A meets (AND we hand out donuts!)  Please try to be there

Q: What if my child has to miss a practice or meet?

It is our hope that all swimmers will come to every practice and be available for every meet - then reality sets in!!! Of course families take vacations during the summer. As your child advances on the team, you will find that you'll be scheduling your getaways for August, when the season is over. But in the meantime, it's not the end of the world if you are going away during the season. Remember, however, that your coaches and teammates are counting on you to come to practice and meets if you are in town. You do not need to tell us if you will be missing a practice or a B meet.  However, we DO need to know if your child will not be available to swim in an A meet.  On the home page of this website, they have a tab that you can click on to mark which children might miss the different meets.  PLEASE be sure to do this as soon as possible but at least a week before the meet itself!

Q: How will I know if practice or a swim meet is canceled due to weather?

Safety of our families is of the utmost importance. In case of inclement weather, it is the job of the pool operator to determine the safety of entering the water. Meets and practice are not usually cancelled because of rain only. Generally speaking, if thunder is heard or lightening is spotted, there is a mandatory delay of 30 minutes in pool activities and all in attendance must seek cover and the pool operators close the pool. In case of a meet, the Meet officials and Team Representatives will determine whether a meet is to be delayed or called off due to bad weather.  If there is a cancellation, we will update our private Facebook group and will try to send an email if possible.

Q: What if my child does not want to swim in meets?

There are some children, especially young or newer swimmers, who do not want to participate in any meets. This is fine. The coaches will encourage swimmers to try a meet when they are ready for it. Usually, for pre-team members, this happens for the last couple of 'B' meets.

Q: How are the age groups determined?

The cutoff date for determining the age groups is June 1. If a swimmer was born June 1 or before, he/she will swim with the older group. If the swimmer was born on June 2 or after they swim with the younger group.

Q: What is the difference between A & B Meets?

A Meets are generally held on Saturday mornings and are the meets that count towards our NVSL league standing points. B Meets are held on Monday evenings, and are not scored for NVSL points. However, ribbons are awarded in both meets and all times are recorded for our team information.

A Meet rules limit the number of entrants per event to 3 per team; therefore, our coaches tend to schedule the 3 swimmers with the 3 fastest times in each event for A Meets, with each swimmer limited to 3 events (the IM does not count as one of the 3, nor do relays) total in any given meet. Times are evaluated every week to give each swimmer an opportunity to demonstrate improvement and compete in A meets. For all ages, six freestyle swimmers will compete.

In B Meets, everyone has the opportunity to swim -- there is no limitation on the number of swimmers each team may enter in a given event but because of the size of our team, each swimmer is only allowed to swim up to two events.

Q: Can my child leave the meet after his/her events are completed?

Everyone should try and stay until the end of the meet to cheer on their teammates.

Q: How do I know if my child is swimming in an A Meet on a given week?

The coaches will decide by Wednesday which swimmers will be entered in the Saturday A Meet. The entries will be circulated by email.  It is vital that you note on the website if your swimmer will be out of town or unable to swim in the meet.  In fact, it is a great idea to go through the calendar at the beginning of the season and mark all Saturday meets that you know your swimmer cannot attend. You can go to the home page and click on the “I Can’t Swim in That Meet!” button and then pick the meet.

In case of illness, inform the team reps ASAP if you feel you will be unable to attend. Lineups cannot be changed after being given to the opposing team the morning of the day before an A meet, so please do not let your child be entered in a meet they are not planning to attend. This will cause the team to lose points as we will be unable to substitute a swimmer.

Q: How do coaches choose among the swimmers for the A Meet Entries?

The coaches make their choices by times and availability. In each A or B Meet event a child enters, their times for each event are recorded in a database maintained by our team's automation representative, and the coaches consult these lists to make their decisions. The times recorded at Time Trials (sometimes referred to as a "practice meet") will be used to help make decisions for entries at our first meet. That's why it's important for all swimmers (except mini dolphins) to attend the Time Trials. We need to record everyone's baseline times.

With the goal of winning meets (i.e., scoring points) we obviously want the 3 children entered in each event that have the best chance of winning at A Meets. The higher the finishing place, the greater number of points earned. However, different circumstances can also come into play, including injury, vacations and other schedule conflicts, etc., that may influence the coaching staff's decisions on A Meet entries. Never assume your swimmer will not qualify for a Saturday meet. Instead be sure to check your email on Wednesdays, you will receive an email from the team reps if your child has been selected to swim.  Coaches will also announce the swimmers at practice Friday morning. 

Q: What exactly is a Time Trial or Practice Meet?

The Time Trial (scheduled for the third Saturday in June) is a mock meet. Only our team participates, but the meet is run according to the schedule and rules of a regular A Meet. This process has many purposes. It allows children, many of whom are new to swimming, an opportunity to see what it's like to go up to the starting line of a race, listen for the instructions of the referee and starter, and legally start their race. The swimmers will be able to record times for each event having been performed in "meet conditions" to establish their baseline entry times for future meets. In addition, this is a great opportunity for parents to learn what a meet is like and to learn or hone their skills at officiating a real meet. First-time parents are encouraged to work as timers at the Time Trials so that they too can become accustomed to meet conditions.

Q: What are Relay Carnivals and Divisionals?

A: The Relay Carnival meets consist entirely of relays. All six teams in the Division enter one team in each event. There are a total of 22 events. The "A" tentative line-up is posted one week before Relay Carnival, and it is finalized the Sunday before. The line-up is made in a similar manner to line-ups for “A” meets. As in all sports, coaches must sometimes make subjective decisions. The final meet line-up and make-up of relay teams is at the coaches’ discretion. Please consult the Head Coach regarding any questions you might have about line-ups.

In the Division Championships, dubbed “Divisionals”, two swimmers per event per age-group are entered in the meet. All six teams in the division compete. Since there are 2 heats of each event, the meet begins at 8 a.m. rather than 9 a.m. Although swimmers who qualify for Divisionals are among the fastest in their age-group, it is never wise to assume your child will not swim in Divisionals. Swimmers’ times tend to change frequently as the season progresses, and vacation schedules or unexpected illnesses also change line-ups. When in doubt, it is always best to consult a coach.

Q: What are All Stars?

There are 2 league invitational meets:  the Individual All Stars Meet and All Star Relays Meet, held the last weekend of the swim season. Generally, the first place relay team in each event at each division’s relay carnival is sent to the All Star Relays Meet. All Star Individuals are based on All Star nominating times. The fastest 16 swimmers and 3 alternates with All Star nominating times are chosen for each event from the entire NVSL.

Q: How does my child get a swim ribbon?

Your child will get a place ribbon if he or she finishes in the top six in an "A" meet or in a "B" meet. “A”meet ribbons are given out at the team lunch after the meet. Beginning with the second meet of the season, your child may also get a "Personal Best" ribbon if they improve their time from the first meet. No "Personal Best” ribbons will be issued in the first "A" or "B" meets. Ribbons will be placed in your family folder at the pool.

Q: What is an IM?

IM's are Individual Medleys which are comprised of all four individual events. For example, a 100M IM consists of 25 meters of butterfly, back, breast & freestyle in that order. A 100 M Medley Relay consists of our swimmers each swimming one of the four strokes.