Dunn Loring Swim and Dive Team

Welcome to the Mini Dolphins Program!

Who is the program for?  Mini Dolphins are typically younger children, 6 years old and younger, who are not ready for the demands of the regular swim team practices.  This is a great introduction to the swim team.   The coaches will work on stroke development with your child as well as prepare them to swim at their first swim meet.   There is one registration process for the swim team, whether your child will practice with the regular swim team or with the mini dolphins.  Any time your child is ready to practice with the team, they are welcome to!  That is why this program is part of the team.  They could also try a regular team practice before the mini dolphins program starts to see what they think.  If you are unsure which practices will be best for your child, ask the swim team reps or the coaches.

What do I have to do to sign my child up?  Your child has to pass the Patch Test (1 length of the pool, tread water for 1 minute, and float on their back for 30 seconds) by June 17th.  In addition, your child must be able to separate easily from the parent/caregiver.

What about practice?    Mini Dolphin practice begins the Monday after school gets out.   Practice is Monday – Friday, from 9:00am to 9:45am.    This year it will be from June 17th to July 19th.    

What do I need to bring to practice?  Just a pair of googles and swim cap, if they want to wear one. 

How much does it cost?   The cost is the same whether your child participates and practices with the regular swim team or with the mini dolphins.

Can my child swim in a Meet?   Yes!!  If you and your child are interested in swimming in a meet, please talk to the coaches.  They will let you know if they feel your child is ready to participate in a B meet, which happen on Monday nights.   If they are not ready for a B meet, all mini dolphins can participate in the Hunter Mill Lollipop Meet, which is typically at the end of the season.  

What about Parent Participation?  Each family with a child on the swim team (this includes the mini dolphin program) needs to sign up for five points of volunteer positions.  You can volunteer to work at the swim meets, provide food for the concession stand, or help with the Friday night pep rallies.  There are plenty of opportunities.  Most volunteer positions do NOT require any previous training.  Volunteering is a GREAT way to learn more about the swim team and meet other swim team parents.  To volunteer for an event, go to the Events and Job Sign-ups tab. Click on the Job Descriptions sub-tab under the Swim Team tab for a description of each job.

Can my child participate in the Pep Rallies and other organized activities?  YES! Mini Dolphins are members of the Dolphin Swim Team.  They are encouraged to attend all pep rallies and organized activities.   They are also encouraged to attend the swim meets and cheer the Dolphins on to victory!   They will also be included in the swim team picture.  Team picture day will be the first Thursday of morning practice.  Each Mini Dolphin will be recognized at the end of season award banquet. 

Question?  Contact the Mini Dolphin team, Jane Hwang at minidolphinswimteam@gmail.com or ask any of the other team reps.