Dunn Loring Swim and Dive Team

Get FRONT Row Seats to the excitement -

Become a Swim Meet Official 

At every swim meet, there are a few positions that require additional training in order for the meet to run smoothly.  The training is done by NVSL officials and are very informative and well run.

Taking time to do this extra training will also benefit your own little swimmers.  Stroke and Turn Judge training for example, can help you understand what mistakes a swimmer could make in order to be disqualified in a meet.  You can then pass on that knowledge to all swimmers when you serve as a judge.

Please sign up to be an official for our team.  The more officials we have, the less stress on each official.

PLEASE NOTE:  Attending an Official Training Seminar does count towards your family's volunteer requirement.

Five Reasons to Become an Official:

    1. We need you!We cannot have a meet without all of the officials positions filled.
    2. You'll be the closest to the action.The lawn chairs aren't comfortable anyway.
    3. High job satisfaction- and your kids will love your involvement.
    4. It's a great way to meet future Olympians- unless you already have one in your home.
    5. The knowledge you gain will help your swimmers get better! No more DQs!

How To Become an Official:

The NVSL offers officials training seminars. They really are interesting! Once you attend the class, we'll help you with the "on the job" training to ease you into a position.

The major Stroke and Turn clinics will be held at various pools on Saturday June 1st at 8am.  The Link to all the NVSL clinics can be found for the 2019 season at https://www.mynvsl.com/file/31028/Officials_Clinic_Schedule_updated_5_19_19_pdf