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What is an A meet?

An A meet is the official NVSL-sanctioned meet between two teams in the same Division, held on Saturday mornings. It is a scored meet and counts toward the team’s league standing. All Saturday morning meets, as well as, the Divisional Relay Carnival and Divisional Individual Championship meets, have NVSL A meet status.

How does a swimmer qualify for an A meet?

Swimmers are selected for A meets based on fastest times in each age group. Each team sends their fastest three swimmers for every event. Since each swimmer is limited to two individual events plus relays, there are usually openings for many swimmers in each age group at A meets. Fastest times swum in both A and developmental meets are considered for placement in subsequent A meets. If a swimmer disqualifies in a stroke, that time will not be considered for A meet placement.


How do I know if my swimmer is selected for the A meet?

Every Sunday, you'll receive a "Swimmer Availability" email asking you to let us know whether or not your swimmer is available for the upcoming Saturday meet.  On Tuesdays, the coaches will select the swimmers for the A meet.  An email will go out to the team on Thursday with all of the swimmers seeded in that Saturday's meet.  If you swimmer is not declared "available" before the deadlines, they may not be placed in an A meet.

Why is a younger swimmer swimming in an older age group?

Coaches develop meet strategy every week. Depending upon the opposing team’s competitive areas, swimmers may be placed in an older age group. The term for this is called “swimming up.” Swim ups, however, are not allowed in the NVSL Relay Carnival or Divisionals.

How are A meets scored?

First Place = 5 points
Second Place = 3 points
Third Place = 1 point
Relays are scored differently with First Place receiving 5 points and 0 points to Second Place.


What time do I need to be at the A meet?

Team warm ups generally are at 8:00 am for home meets and 8:25 am for away meets. Warm ups last 20 minutes for each team.  Information on “caravanning” will be available via team emails if you want to drive with the team to away A meets: The team meets in the parking lot and walks in together to show our spirit. All swimmers must be present at the pool before the 9:00 am start of the meet or he/she will be scratched and another swimmer put in his place.

How does a swimmer or relay qualify for All Stars?

Individual swimmers qualify for All Stars by swimming one of the top 18 fastest times in their event and age group across all Divisions within NVSL at the Individual Divisional Meet. Relay teams are selected for All Stars by being one of the top 18 fastest teams out of all the Divisions during the Divisional Relay Carnivals. Only times swum at the Relay Carnival or Divisionals count for All Stars.


What if a swimmer receives a ribbon with "ALL*" beside their time?

A ribbon with "ALL*" beside their time means that his/her time if a PROJECTED All Star time.  The projected cut is based upon the official cuts from last year's All Star Meet.  This does not mean your swimmer made All Stars.  See question above.  The times achieved during the regular season are only predictions of what the swimmer can achieve at Divisionals.