Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2020 Summer Swim Season has been canceled.


For all administrative questions, such as:  dues, safety, or policy issues, please see contact list below.



Head Coach - Peter McDonough:  pjmcdonough4@gmail.com

A Meet Rep - Dana Wozny:   dana.wozny@gmail.com 

cell #      703-298-8115

A Meet Rep - Cindy Barber :  cindybarber5@gmail.com

cell #      703-862-0427

B Meet Rep -  Ryan McCarthy:  mccarthy12414@gmail.com 

cell #     571-214-7845

B Meet Rep -  Katie Faircloth:  katie@thefaircloths.com 

cell #     703-298-5895

Operations - Wendy Peterson:  wlpeterson44@gmail.com

Jr. Sharks Co-coordinator - Maggie Hammond:  margarethhammond@gmail.com

Jr. Sharks Co-coordinator - Mary Kay Rotach:  marykayrotach@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator (A Meets/Divisionals) - Molly Jones:  mbjones553@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator (B Meets/Social Events) - Cristina Oliver:  cristinaoliver58@gmail.com

Treasurer - Andy Grimm:  acgrimm@cox.net

Registrar - Ashley Wolsborn:  wolsborn@verizon.net

Spirit Wear - Jessica Cooley:  jessicaleahcooley@gmail.com

Social - Leslie Howard:  leslienhoward@gmail.com

Sponsorship - Jessica Cooley:  jessicaleahcooley@gmail.com

Team Photographer - Gene Wozny:  anderson.wozny@gmail.com

Website - Ashley Wolsborn:  wolsborn@verizon.net



If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches.  Please see their contact information by clicking the "Coaches" button on the homepage.