Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Ken Dicesare Head Coach

 This is Coach Ken's 9th year as Head Coach of Hollin Meadows and his 10th year with the team. He led the Barracudas to many meet wins, three divisional champion seasons and 5 divisional sportsmanship seasons. Not only does Ken run the helm during the summer, but he also coaches our winter program, allowing many Barracudas to be with him year-round. When he's not coaching in the summer, you can find him on deck at USS meets and practices, where he is an age group coach for USS swim club NCAP of Alexandria. Ken is also a special education teacher for the City of Falls Church.  We're always happy to walk on deck and see Coach Ken running the show!

Natalie Hohman Assistant Head Coach
Lexie Kroeger Assistant Coach
Board of Directors
Kim Dwyer Team Rep
Sara Brown Assistant Team Rep
Tyson Brown Assistant Team Rep
Kathleen McNutt Treasurer
Lauren Iannitto Swim Team Social Chair
Bridget Flaaen Swim Team Social Chair
Sara Petretich Board Rep