Summer swim opens March 1, 2023.  There are two classes and each class size is limited to 15 Pup Swimmers.

Program Requirements:  

To participate in Rolling Valley's Pups Swim Program, each family must either be a bond member or an associate member in good standing at RVSTC.

·         Must be 5 years old by January 1st, 2023 (no exceptions)

·         The Dolphin Pups is NOT a “learn to swim” program. It is a “beginner swim team prep” program. 

·         MUST be completely comfortable in the water and not fearful in any way.

·          Willing to get his/her face wet.

·          Be able to bob up and down freely in the water while following simple coaching instructions.

·         If your child is crying/fearful and not wanting to join in the program, the coaching staff may ask you to hold off for another season.

·         Parents MUST remain on deck during the Dolphin Pup practice.

·         Please understand it is imperative that your Dolphin Pup not disturb or distract in any way from the other Dolphin Pups trying to develop new aquatic skills.  Our coaches cannot be expected to hold on to or spend more time with one child who just isn’t ready for the program.

·         We will offer full refunds the first week of the Dolphin Pup class should the coaches decide your swimmer is not meeting the minimum class requirements.

·         Likewise if the coaching staff feels that your child is ready to move-up to the Dolphin Swim Team, you will be required to pay the difference if this move is done within the first week of practice.


All registrations will be online.  The cost for pups is $100 for Bond members and $125 for Associate members.