Officials' Certification Schedule & Registration (NVSL University/Clinics)
NVSL has released the schedule and registration information for NVSL University and additional Officials' Clinics.  All potential officials must get recertified this season.
                                *****All clinics are virtual this year!!! *****
We  strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and get certified/recertified as a Referee, Starter and/or Stroke & Turn Judge. There are different sessions for "first-time/new" officials and returning officials. 
Each home team must provide four certified officials (Referee, Starter and two Stroke & Turn Judges) per meet--without them a meet cannot take place. Away teams provide two Stroke & Turn Judges. If you are new to swim team, Stroke & Turn is a great place to start as you learn the components of a legal stroke. This will enable you to help your swimmer improve their strokes. Serving as an NVSL official is also your FASTPass™ to the pool deck for meet viewing as we may need to reduce the number of timers this season. Additionally, it helps you knock out your family volunteer requirements. Please consider getting certified. If you are uncomfortable acting alone as an official, we can arrange for you to "shadow official" for a couple meets but you must get certified, first. Having some depth to our Officials' pool also opens up the possibility of split-shifts at swim meets--a very nice option on especially hot days.     There are just  so many benefits!!!
We are happy to announce our schedule for Officials Clinics. Dates and times are below.  
To register, please use this Google Form:   https://tinyurl.com/na6nv4xj
Saturday, May 22nd (NVSLU)
  • New Referee (8AM)
  • New Starter (8AM)
  • Referee/Starter Recertification (8AM)
  • New Stroke and Turn Judge (10:30AM)
  • Stroke and Turn Judge Recertification (10:30AM)
Thursday, May 27th
  • New Referee (7PM)
Saturday, June 5th
  • New Stroke and Turn Judge (8AM)
  • Stroke and Turn Recertification (8AM)
Wednesday, June 9th
  • New Referee (7PM)
Sunday, June 13th
  • Referee/Starter Recertification (9:30AM)
  • New Starter (9:30AM)
  • New Stroke and Turn Judge (9:30AM)
  • Stroke and Turn Recertification (9:30AM)
Wednesday, June 16th
  • New Stroke and Turn Judge (7PM)
  • Stroke and Turn Recertification (7PM)


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