Burke Station Destroyers

Team Suit Summer 2021

This is the 1st year of this 2 year suit: Nike Amp Axis Blue/Green



Team Prices:

Girls Racerback   $52.50 (w/tax $55.65) 

Girls Cut-Out       $52.50 (w/tax $55.65)

Boys Jammer      $39.00 (w/tax $41.34)

Boys Racer          $33.00 (w/tax $34.98)

The team price is 25% less than retail

Try on your suit to make sure it fits correctly.  Suits should fit snug with no wrinkles or gaps.  Jammers should end above the knee. The first time you try on your suit it will feel tight. Your suit will loosen when it is wet and with continued wear.  

Try your suit on BEFORE you get into the water.

Suits that have been worn in the water cannot be returned or exchanged.  

Buy your suit no than later June 1st for best availability.

Team suits can be purchased in the SuitUp retail store location in University Mall.

Team suits can be purchased in the SuitUp online store. https://shopumall.com/collections/burke-station

All team members receive team pricing regardless of purchase location.

Goggles, marked down suits for practice, fins and discounted technical suits are also available to purchase at SuitUp.

SuitUp Water Sports & Alpha ID University Mall       

10627 Braddock Rd        

Fairfax VA  22032        


Monday-Friday 10-5      Saturday & Sunday 12-4