Q: Why are volunteers needed?

A: Our swim meets cannot run without you! We need roughly 55 parent volunteers just to conduct a home meet! Between our A and B meet schedule, we will host approximately 5 home meets each season. This also does not include the volunteers needed for away meets, social events (when permitted), leadership positions, etc.


Q: What’s my commitment?

A: Due to new COVID guidelines, we are still determining the number of volunteer points each family must contribute for this season. We hope to have a better idea soon when NVSL provides further social distancing and swim meet guidelines. With that said, swim meets cannot happen without parent volunteers. We know that some families may not be able to participate due to unforeseen circumstances. We require all families to submit a $250 volunteer check at the start of the season. If your family does not participate the required number of times, we will cash your check at the end of the season; we will return the check to those families that do fulfill the volunteer requirement.


Q: What are the specific jobs at a meet?

A: Great question! There are many jobs you can fulfill- some require additional training through NVSL. This year, all trainings are online so it’s a great time for everyone to get certified in one (or more) of these roles. Certification of these positions is good for 2 years. 



The Clerk of Course is in charge of getting swimmers organized in the order of events and/or heats. They help the meet run smoothly by having the swimmers ready for their events as they're called.


Marshals are responsible for ensuring order during the meet and during warm ups in the pool, on the deck, and in the spectator area. They wear a brightly colored vest and stand in key positions around the pool deck to control the flow of people.  They ensure that the spectators, including fellow swimmers, are quiet at the start of a race.


The referee is the head official at a meet and has overall responsibility for running each race. They are responsible for deciding if a swimmer is disqualified based on the observations of the Stroke and Turn Judges.


Relay Take-Off Judges, or “RTOs” are on deck only during relays and are responsible for determining whether an approaching swimmer has touched the wall before the swimmer of the next leg has left the wall.


Assists with Meet Administration by carrying time cards from younger swimmers to the Chief Timer and/or from the Chief Timer to the Scorer's Table. 


The starter is the official responsible for ensuring that all swimmers in a race are given a fair and equitable start. They announce the stroke and distance, get the swimmers set, and start the race with the horn. A strobe on the starter horn also indicates for the timers to start their stopwatches.


Stroke and Turn Judges are officials stationed around the pool observing each swimmer's stroke, turns, and touches to ensure they are legal. A Stroke and Turn Judge will raise their hand when they observe an infraction. They are trained to give the benefit of the doubt to the swimmer and only call what they are sure they saw. They will report and explain the infraction to the referee who will then determine if the swimmer is disqualified.


The Table Workers get the time cards from the timers and any DQ slips from the referee. They then determine the order of finish for each event, score the meet, and prepare ribbons for the participants.


People who time the swimmers during a swim meet. Three timers are used per lane. The official time for the swimmer's event is the middle time of the three timers’ watches or the common time if two watches match. Timers must wear a white shirt with dark blue/black shorts. It is recommended that timers sign up for an A meet only after timing a B meet first. 


In non-COVID times, the Snack Bar is a huge revenue maker for our team. This position requires preparation of food prior to the meets- making taco meat, preparing burgers and hot dogs, etc. as well as selling prepackaged foods during the meets. We are still determining what this will look like for Summer 2021, but we are hopeful we will be able to offer some type of snack bar!