Q: Why are volunteers needed?

A: Our swim meets cannot run without you! We need roughly 55 parent volunteers just to conduct a home meet! Between our A and B meet schedule, we will host approximately 5 home meets each season. This also does not include the volunteers needed for away meets, social events (when permitted), leadership positions, etc.

Q: What’s my commitment?

A: Due to new COVID guidelines, we are still determining the number of volunteer points each family must contribute for this season. We hope to have a better idea soon when NVSL provides further social distancing and swim meet guidelines. With that said, swim meets cannot happen without parent volunteers. We know that some families may not be able to participate due to unforeseen circumstances. We require all families to submit a $250 volunteer check at the start of the season. If your family does not participate the required number of times, we will cash your check at the end of the season; we will return the check to those families that do fulfill the volunteer requirement.

Q: What are the specific jobs at a meet?

A: Great question! There are many jobs you can fulfill- some require additional training through NVSL. This year, all trainings are online so it’s a great time for everyone to get certified in one (or more) of these roles. Certification of these positions is good for 2 years.