Invoice Received on 3/1/2020

Dan Klanderman
Hello Dolphin families. Some of you may have received an invoice yesterday that appeared to be from the team. If you did you may disregard this invoice. I escalated to to Team Unify who operates the platform our team site runs on top of, and received the following response a short while ago. Apologies for the confusion.
Hi Dan,
Yesterday, an email was sent to you and your members with an invoice enclosed. We understand that some of your members were not supposed to receive this and that the invoice was inaccurate.
This was the result of a bug in our system that has since been fixed, so this error will not occur again on April 1.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused you and your members, and thank you for your diligence if you flagged this issue to our support team.
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