Our Coaches

Coaching is much more of a “life and people” process than an “athletic” process. Not only are our swimmers investing in a team, training, and a coach, but in many ways, their emotional development, college decision, and the person they become may be shaped by this process as well. Our mission is to be not just a coach, but a partner with our swimmers on their athletic journey, and to a greater extent, partners on their life journey. Our ultimate goal is that four or eight years from now they are swimming at their very best, loving the sport, are leaders on their teams, and are better people.

Jon Radow, Head Coach   (»e-mail Jon)

Coach Jon is in his fourth year as head coach for the 2021 swim season. Jon grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut where he was the captain of his high school swim team. Prior to becoming Head Coach, Jon spent nine seasons as assitant coach for the Hurricanes and has served as a swim coach at Briar Woods High School.

Coach Jon is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Farmwell Middle School in Ashburn. He is a graduate of Haverford College and earned his Masters in Education from George Washington University.

Aidan Deege, Solveig Reda, Assistant Coaches