The Hiddenbrook Hurricanes Swim Team is made up of approximately 180 swimmers ranging from four to 18 years of age. The team is comprised of our competitive team and a developmental squad (Waterspouts) for our youngest kids. Our season runs from June to the end of July.

The team, led by head coach Jonathan Radow and an experienced staff, will compete in Division 4 of the Northern Virginia Swimming League in 2019. The NVSL is America’s largest summer swim league comprised of over 17,000 swimmers making up 102 teams divided into 17 divisions with six teams in each. At Hiddenbrook Swim & Tennis Club, our team goals include: making sure the swimmers have a fun and rewarding experience, developing strong team spirit, and teaching swimmers solid fundamentals.

Throughout the year, we will frequently update many areas of the website, such as the events calendar, and practice, meet and activities information, so please stay informed by checking the Hiddenbrook Swim Team website regularly. And don’t forget to support our team sponsors, Joe’s PizzariaHughes Group ArchitectsVeloLabs Cycling StudioManhattan PizzaAtlantic Fitness BrokersNuance, Green Lizard Cycling,  Alpine Ski ShopGlory Days RestonLauren Gassenmeyer Realty and Hiddenbrook Homes Association!

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