Sign Up to Volunteer this Summer

Heidi Gallacher

We rely on volunteers to run the swim meets.  There is simply no way around it.  Some jobs require technical training (Stroke/Turn Judges, Referee, Announcer, for example)  Most other jobs do not require any particular skill or experience - like Timer, Marshal, Snack Bar helper.  We are very understanding toward parents and families with small children who need to supervise their little ones during the swim meets and cannot stand on-deck to help.  Please consider creative solutions like switching off with another swim parent to help at the Hurricane Cafe for an hour or so (Job Sharing at its finest), or letting your kids play on the playground while you help set-up before the meet.  If you just can't make it work... listen, we've all been there.  Your time will come.  In the meantime, you will continue to hear our impassioned pleas for volunteer help.


Note: if you would like to serve as a Stroke/Turn Judge, a Starter, a Referee, an Announcer, or Chief Timer, please note that there is mandatory NVSL-provided training associated with these jobs.  We need a deep bench of parent volunteers who are qualified to fill these roles.  Please watch your email inbox over the coming weeks for certification information.


The Sign-Up Genius link below has all of the volunteer slots for  A Meets, B-Meets, the Relay Carnival, and Divisionals.  Pull out your calendar and sign up for something to do at each meet.