Mini Whompers Program 

2022 Season 


The Mini Whompers Developmental Swim Program is designed to provide a sound foundation in the proper technique of all four competitive strokes for swimmers five-to-eight years old. The Mini Whompers program focuses on correct breathing patterns, endurance, and provides an introduction to NVSL competitive swimming in a fun and positive environment. Swimmers in the Mini Whompers Developmental Swim Program must be able to swim unassisted 25-meters across the pool in freestyle and float on their back for 10 seconds. Participants must also be able to separate from their parent easily and tolerate being in the pool for a 45 minute time period. All registered Mini Whompers must attend an assessment with the Highlands coaches.  Mini Whompers may advance to the Swim Team when they are able to meet the Swim Team eligibility requirements and at the discretion of our head coaching staff. The maximum number of Mini Whompers for Summer 2022 is 48.


Mini Whompers Practice Schedule

Mini Whompers practices will be held in the mornings at 10:30am starting June 13 or June 20 (depending on when each Mini finishes the school year). Please note that there is no afternoon practice option for Mini Whompers.   There will be a Mini Whompers swim meet on Sunday, July 10 at 12:30pm.

Please make sure your swimmer has a good pair of goggles, a pair of fins, and a swim cap. These items should be brought with them every day at practice. Also, your Mini Whomper will feel most comfortable if they are a female to wear a one piece (no bikinis, tankinis or skirted bottoms) or a male to wear jammers or swim briefs (no swim trunks). Shirts and rash guards cannot be worn during practice. They affect how a swimmer’s body feels going through the water and should not be worn during practice.

In order to ensure the safety of all of our swimmers, we must insist that parents refrain from congregating around the pool lanes during practice.  Please note, that parents may not be able to be present at practices this summer. If parents have questions or concerns, please send the coaches an email, give them a call, or see them after practice.  Thank you for helping to keep all swimmers focused and safe!